• Freedom Writers

    You and I aren't ordinary,
    there are some things about us that are very,
    unique and can cause me to feel very cheery,
    and I'll never be weary,
    as long as I have you to help me carry,
    my thoughts around when things get scary,
    and when the need comes you can be contrary,
    to my point of view when necessary.
    If there even requires a situation that need me to be wary,
    I can lean on you to get me out of that hairy,
    situation that I've gotten in with your ancillary,
    advice that at this point is customary,
    to how we treat each other in a what that feels honorary.
    It's nice to remind that the lows are just momentary,
    while we've built our own monastery,
    of commitment and our own sanctuary,
    that is anything but temporary.
    You've turned me into a visionary,
    you're own personal emissary,
    that treats you anything but secondary.
    You and me are contemporary's,
    equals even though my itinerary,
    puts you in the front of my list of preliminary,
    love and support that is anything but unnecessary,
    and through our care of each other in this planetary,
    scale of admiration and fascination is to the point of extraordinary,
    it will be all I'll ever need to make me want to stay around as long as possible and out of the cemetery.

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