• I don't know anything about you.
    We are just a strangers coincidentally bumped into each other.
    But recently,
    You made me caught a glimpse of your mystery world.
    Then after,
    You just constantly crossing into my mind.
    That glimpse make me crave for more.
    You opened the curiosity I've been warning to myself.
    I shouldn't.
    Can't let my emotions win over me.
    But the glance that only took a second,
    was more powerful than I thought.

    "Who are you?"
    I need answers.
    But my courageous side turns opposite.
    I even feared the thought of taking that step towards you.
    I can't explain why I suddenly felt nervous.
    It's just a step.

    I'm just curious to know,
    It's just curiosity, right?

    The meetings were nearly over.
    We might not bump into each other again.
    No more of that glimpse.

    You're a whole mystery I've been wondering to solve.
    But I chose to step back.
    I'm sorry, I'm going to play safe.
    Because I can risk my mind to a millions of wonder,
    But not my heart to a possible ache.

    Thank You for the thrilling glances.

    To My Stranger,
    From Your Coward Admirer

  • @Frrree_Anon soooo......