• I wanted you to tell me as I quit,
    Quit your life forever —
    I know what promises I have made,
    I’ll keep them with love forever....
    I have a way to let this dilemma end,
    Let me tell you, what I have found —
    I will pray to God every morning —
    "You sleep stress-free, so sound".
    How else I can always be beside you,
    Being so distant, with least or no connection —
    You be a free bird all your life;
    I wish you experience resurrection.
    I do not know what messes your life up,
    Why you keep so very upset —
    Won't you let me know before I leave,
    Before we forget that we ever met?
    That's absurd though for me to forget —
    You have been a precious gift to my heart,
    I desire us to be joyous within ourselves,
    On a worldly level though we may part!
    Our lives shouldn't be others' choices,
    We all have the right to be merry —
    In our own ways that gives us peace...
    Ummm... say, like the Tom and Jerry!
    I desire you in life to be a joyful soul,
    With or without a soulmate —
    Sometimes even if they're good people,
    We feel we're caged inside a gate!
    So I apologize to have portrayed myself
    As a lover, without the ken of your choice —
    I know you may haven't perceived me ever,
    I kept on musing to my voice!
    I won't envy the man of your life —
    I wish he loves you more than I could,
    I'll embrace him with a true heart and a smile,
    I'll adore him till my life shall conclude.
    I wish he gives you a life of your wishes,
    A life that you'll thank everyday —
    I wish he makes you trust in true love,
    I promise without fail, all these, I shall pray....
    If, by chance, you find peace in being single —
    I'll be in your inbox every month,
    I'll revere your freedom, I'll adore as you are,
    You'll be the ever-bloomed amaranth.
    How else can I be a worthy friend —
    Whom you didn't desire to lose,
    Whom you promised to share all your sorrows,
    Yet who has failed everytime to amuse....
    These are some ways, we can be true friends,
    This idea, I crave to share with you —
    I wish you too pray for my well-being,
    Till I leave this life with my final adieu....

    ... today, Kate, I can't even write to you. I never imagined of this day 😭. I still love you the way I always did.... You never understood me.... I miss you every day, every moment.... Yours Anwar

  • 😢

    goodbye's are indeed hard. . .

    be strong Anni. . .

  • @Ella-26 Ella, I wish it was just hard. I'm sure I would have managed to overcome it. Sometimes I feel that it's kinda impossible 😔. I never wanted to lose her. I keep trying everyday to come out of it but again I fail terribly. She loved my poems but now I can't even communicate this poem to her. She'll think I don't respect her choice but believe me I do respect her a lot — So, I even changed my phone number because I can't block her anywhere on social media. But I don't want her to know how my life has changed ever since she left me. My parents hate her because they think she ditched me but I know she isn't like that 😒. Even my friends say so. But I know her better than anyone, she's very different, she's introvert.... She couldn't even share her pain with me.... No one understands me 😔 and I feel so abandoned sometimes.