• My heart cries loud
    For the mistake of my mind
    My soul curses my body
    For what misery it brought
    My body condemn it self
    For the flaws of its existence
    I know words cant suffice
    And my poetry have no magic
    But my heart still breaths for your love
    My mind is decorated by you
    My soul rejoice your compassion
    For i pledge you apology
    That i know i dont deserve
    And i preach you mercy
    That i know i wont get
    But i need you dearly
    Than the healthy of my heart

    In any relation ship there is always up and downs, one patner might screw up or mess up or anything, which in turn will piss off another patner, its life, you cant end relation ship just because of mis understandings,if the love is meant to be then all you need to do is sort things out, you made a mistake then accept it, with love, care and romance ask for apology and tell her/him how much u need her/him in your life. That is LOVE

  • Freedom Writers

    @ragnar great words before great advice, with the delecate balance of love and hate.

  • @us-poet thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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