• Happiness i offer
    Yet i don't know it's taste
    Tears i wipe
    But mine flows as rivers
    Hearts i mend
    Look at mine, its wrecked
    Care i gift
    But I've never seen it
    Moods i fix
    Yet i need a mood mechanic
    Smiles i create
    But i haven't had one
    Loneliness i conquer
    Yet loneliness lives in me
    I am a safe heaven
    Look, i live in hell
    Boredom i cure
    But am infected with it
    I am the salvation
    Yet i need to be saved
    I am of the people
    But peoples are not for me

  • Freedom Writers

    @ragnar Hey there's always at least one person out there for you.

    You'll be ok in time,
    but the unicorns rhymes,
    will find,
    a way to help you unwind,
    the damage that's been done,
    so while you become,
    a better person,
    don't get contorted,
    and think it's everyone out against you,
    it's just a moment to get into,
    a new headspace,
    where you can learn who you are and what are your tastes,
    so don't do it hastily,
    you'll come around when you're ready,
    so just keep expressing yourself as necessary,
    as finding out what's up and down,
    may take time to turn it all around,
    but it's all apart of your journey,
    so keep on searching until you again find yourself to be worthy.

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    Another good one :)

  • @sup thanks buddy

  • @us-poet i love this one,! Thankssss yo πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Thank you

  • I love it

  • Im good yall, issa poem 😁

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