• Freedom Writers

    I felt the creeping terror,
    that faithful companion that stays at all times whether I want him or not,
    doing his best to fill me full of fraught,
    and he was feeling extra frisky on this night,
    where it would seem no one would listen to my plight,
    so it was just me and that devil in the dark,
    where he began to pick my world apart.
    Everything I tried to do,
    just led to more ruins,
    and I was wondering through a wasteland,
    even old companions had other plans,
    so I thought I was going to be left alone,
    except for the company of that rogue,
    only whispering lies into my ears,
    "They're already tired of you and you never really mattered,
    the thought that you could be anything more to them obviously isn't a fact,
    there time is more valuable than yours as you don't attract,
    there attention the way you know they want,
    and if you keep trying you'll just begin to haunt,
    bringing them down with you and how could you dare take away there joy,
    as they're having such a good time without you in the way so don't destroy,
    there evening with your problems since you can see how much happier they are with you,
    so just give up on them to leave with me,
    to sink away and fade with me forever."
    The temptation was great as it was a rejection I would never expect,
    to ever get that feeling from them like there was a disconnect,
    and so why not go to where there's no tomorrow,
    when even the ones you love don't want you around,
    and so I was bound,
    to fall into those black fiery depths,
    when a hand reached out to save me from the wretch,
    where they didn't even try to talk me away,
    just show me that there could still be joy,
    and understanding with someone where we only employ,
    the other with another smile,
    and that moment lasted a while,
    and then another,
    and then another,
    until I forgot what I was doing,
    where I was wondering,
    and who that old demon was.
    I'm sure he's still lurking in the shadows,
    waiting for me to plateau,
    but in the back of my head is a new angel,
    one who only wants me to be well,
    and I know that when I see the smile of hell,
    I can remember the grin of heaven,
    and it'll be enough to put that beast in his place.