• First of all I lied a bit the other day, I just wanted to know if I had done the right thing, you all re assured me until today.
    So friday I contacted and met a guy called Paul who is a elder at my nan's congregation and said I had some question's about his religion, he said he would love to meet me and answer them, I met him later that day, we spoke and i didn't mention about my nan being a JW, he couldn't answer much and said "come back next weekend and we can go over some scripture's and maybe I can give some more input" His face glowed. I figured he hadn't had a decent conversation about religion with someone in a long time. "I said sure no problem." I didn't want to string him along much further, but I felt I had to find out some way. We soon parted ways and he left my mind as quickly as he had entered asi waited for our next chat.
    Saturday. I was lying in bed, watching videos once again and just doing the usual social networking. I heard a knock on the door. I peek through my windows to see who it is. I hear my mum mute the TV and I told her not to answer as I wasn't expecting to hear from him till next week and I didn't tell him my address. It was Paul, but he's with another person. We both wait it out. They knock five times. They don't leave for fifteen minutes. Once they do, mum ask's me who he was and I told her, I went to meet a elder at one of nans congregations and met a guy called Paul, I asked the questions I needed to, he tried answering some but he said he had to look into it and get more information, Paul had said he'd would let me know when is a good time to talk after he had looked into things. yesterday. Paul returns. My mum answers the door this time. He asks for me. She says I'm at a friends house, he leaves.
    I don't know whether i'm just paranoid but around my area people only drive common "cheapish" cars, recently well since my meeting with Paul whenever I have been out whether walking or driving I have noticed a lot of Suv/4x4/minivan's up until today I thought maybe not following me but always around, I was driving today and this time noticed a Black Ford truck/van and the same thing happened except this time I thought I would check if they were following me, I was heading home but I decided to turn onto the top road back the way I was coming, they made the same U-turn and change of journey and were still following me, I rang my brother and asked if he was at home, he said "yes" I said can you park your car in the garage and can we swap cars for a couple of days and ill explain when I get there, he was confused and concerned but agreed to do it, I was followed by the same Black Ford all the way to my brother's house, I left my car outside went in and told him everything, he said I was probably being paranoid but yes I can still use his car. So I waited until I saw the truck pull away, got into my brothers car and went home, I didn't see the truck on my way home and haven't been out since.
    This was weird and i'm unsure whether to see Paul again, try my luck with someone else, or just leave it alone.
    The worst thing is that I still need answer's, this needs exposing if it is what I think it is, they know my car and address, and my nan is unknowingly part of this.
    I really don't know what to do...

  • @jaeh whoa. Dude. Wow.

  • @Vanie well that's really something..

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