• I have this aunt who got married to an older foreign guy whom she met during one of the Filipina bride tours of the marriage agency where she signed up. I think that foreign guy is just the same age as my grandmother. She has been married to him for more than 12 years now and they are currently staying in the U.S. She has gained not just Filipino friends but foreign ones as well. She has actually introduced me to a few of her American friends who are older than I am by three folds. She expects me to date and eventually marry one of them. Given that I am only 23 years old, I don’t know if I should really be entertaining these older men. Would it be alright if I date men who are thrice my age?

  • @sheilam Of course . There's nothing wrong. You won't believe but Iam dating an 18 year old guy who died 3333 years ago ;)

  • @sheilaM that's ok, there's nothing wrong with that, if you really like him, then go.

  • All I can say is age is just a number. If you love a person his age, height, and weight doesn't matter to you because all you see is the goodness of that person. Follow your heart and everything else will follow.

  • @hurleyking So is it okay for me to fall in love with my grandpa?

  • @sheilam hello

  • Hello. I recently dated a girl more than half my age, and I asked early on if age was an issue. It never was as she was always more interested in my personality, common interests, and learning more about what we had in common.

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  • @sheilaM age is just a number Baby

  • It was wrong for me. I saw no future in dating a girl 40 years my junior but only because I am a loner and haven't planned for leaving a young widow behind when my years are up, which I assume will happen well before she even started to age.
    If you are comfortable that what he gives you will outlast the physical, I think it just fine for two adults to work out the details.

  • @sheilaM Thank you for asking this question. Personally, I think love ,trust and respect is what counts. You could be married to your age mate and be unhappy and unfulfilled. So , give it a shot and if your partner proves to be having those qualities, then go ahead with commitment. Thanks again.

  • @sheilaM I know peoples wich was the men being 23 and married an 80 years old woman just because they fell in love for eachother even it sounds pervert for others the both was happy and the men was doing everything for her when she was at the hospital , he visited her and he told her how much he loved her i guess its never about age as age is for me a number .. of course i would personaly never marry a kid but in generaly when there would be an 23 years old and i would say she will be the love of my entire life i don't would say no to this feelings ~ what i can say to you is the same you have to know it but really if you don't wanna marry someone much older as you you don't have to do it ! you're 23 so please life your live the fullest and don't marry someone or date someone you don't really like yourself I am old enough to know what i talk about

    greetings from Japan

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  • @sheilaM yes it’s ok if u like it then do it. It’s ok to smoke while pregnant. It’s ok to teach kids to smoke early. It’s ok to have sexy with others to please your man

  • @sheilaM I am 55 and great in bed😏

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  • @sheilaM well what is the agenda ?? Sounds like you aunt married to us green card . Purpose to fulfill to reach USA or European passport .. so a question arise in my mind would you go out with your grandma friend in your country ??

  • Honestly I don't think age matters as long as you are both of age, and both in love and happy in the relationship. Age is just a number so why let it get in the way of things. However I don't think it's a good idea to marry a man if you feel like you are being forced to by a family member. It probably won't end well and you will be unhappy. If you do meet one of them and decide you like his company, then why not go all in, regardless of his age? My boyfriend is 17 years older than me and I honestly don't even think about the age difference. As long as you both are happy, age doesn't even matter.

  • @JessPig I would love to spend time with you