• Freedom Writers

    I look for those who deserve my attention,
    it makes me want to give them my affection.
    When I talk to them it is my intention,
    to help with there ascension,
    to happiness and the prevention,
    of sadness and cause its remission.

    It's not out of pretension,
    or a sense of condescension,
    but because it causes me jubilation,
    to better those who deserve my concentration.

    My happiness and love are just an extension,
    that spreads from my heart like it's from another dimension,
    and when you deserve it all I'll do is mention,
    all the wonderful things about you and remind you those bad thoughts are just an invention,
    of your mind and I'll help you get rid of that fixation,
    on the negative and cause all your positives an inflation.

    All of this is done because I'm a unicorn that gets rid of all the tension,
    in your life and increase the duration,
    of what makes you great and cause the negation,
    of the bad parts inside yourself in relation,
    to how you might lie to yourself since the bad is an abomination.

  • I agree this would make such cool rock song

  • @us-poet I want to sing this like a rock or country song. I love it!

  • Freedom Writers

    @ninni I have always wanted to write songs, and I guess this could be my first.

  • @us-poet you really should as you could come up with some amazing lyrics

  • Freedom Writers

    @ninni well now I might have to.

  • @us-poet Yey can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙌

  • Freedom Writers

    @girlwhois16 I want you to record yourself singing this and show me.

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