Tales from the kittenbox, the door dilemma

  • This is the story of a boy and his cat, or is it a cat and their boy? None can tell, but what one can tell, is that they were very happy together. The boy lived in a small, red house in the countryside, with a lovely yet broken family. Father missed an ear, and mother's tummy was cracked beyond repair. Still, this did not bother the boy, and the cat and him happily lived their summers in the cornfields, and the winters by the fire. All was well, until one day, it wasn't. But i don't feel like talking about that right now, not yet anyway.

    On a different day though, the cat decided to go for a walk. They found the door closed, so they mewled up to the spirits on high to get it to open. The spirits responded by sending over the boy, to open the door. Looking outside, the cat took two steps outside, then paused. too cold outside. The cat turned around, and the boy closed the door behind it. "But the house is too warm", thought the cat, and turned again. It the put both paws up against the door, and let out a pitiful mewl. "The more pitiful the meow, the more quickiful the servant", the cat knew. Sure enough, the door re-opened, and the cat tumbled outside.

    The door closed behind them, and the cat lifted its head, looking around curiously. "Still too cold." the cat decided, turning around again. One meow. Two meows. Three meows. The door remained shut. The cat let out a tiny sigh, and started to make its way to the other side of the house. There was a window near the roses, the cat knew. It came to a full stop below the window, and wiggled its rear in anticipation for the great leap. Jump, whoosh, flying cat, perfect landing. Through the window, there was the boy, at his glowing internet box. The cat had to get its attention somehow, so it reared up and spread itself out in front of the window, a fluffy tummy now obstructing the outside view. The boy looked up from the sudden shadow, looking up from his game. He reached over and opened the window, and the cat stepped back inside, its tail brushing into the boy's face. "You have been slain!" rung out from the computer, when a tomahawk missile slammed home on the poor boy's player character. With a defeated look on his face, the boy returned to his seat, and clicked the "next match" button while the cat triumphantly left the room.

    Moral of the story: obey your cat, or they will kill you.

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