Never Again....

  • Freedom Writers

    I'll never be with you again,
    even though now and then,
    I can't stop thinking of you,
    everything has turned to blue,
    and now you're with someone new.
    I don't understand what was wrong with me,
    I tried to be perfect,
    but I guess I wasn't worth it,
    and now I'm alone,
    in my home,
    without you next to me,
    and everytime I close my eyes it's only you I see.
    I didn't want it to end,
    I thought it was forever but then,
    you decided you were tired of me,
    that I couldn't be,
    there for you anymore,
    I thought I was the one you adored,
    but that's not true,
    and I'll never have that again,
    and every now and then,
    something reminds me of you,
    and I'm suddenly,
    flooded with the memories,
    of everything we had.
    I was so glad when you were with me,
    and then you said you didn't love me.
    I was crushed and demolished,
    my heart was a crater,
    and there was no later.
    Now I hear you're with someone else,
    it opened up that pain to a new freshness,
    and I became a mess.
    I know I'll be OK,
    I've got to be OK,
    the pain will fade and the memories will become faint.
    I have to tell myself that,
    it's the only way to cope,
    but I still can't help it there will forever be a hole,
    because now it's over and I'll never have my one again.

  • @us-poet saad.. one 😣😣 and relate able

  • Freedom Writers

    @lazypotat I'm so sorry you feel this pain, but it's something that happens now and again, and I hope these little words will pick you up, because I know you're tough.

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