"I said I'm fine for you not to worry." (A let-out confession)

  • I am dying inside,
    I am crushed and refined,
    I am a puzzle who lost its pieces,
    But like everyone around,
    I wear a mask of a happy face,
    Not because I wanted to show the world a fake bravery,
    But because I decided not to choose myself,
    I chose the people I love,
    I chose the people who love me.
    That's why I said
    I'm fine for you not to worry.

  • Damn...this really resonates with me. Putting on a happy and brave face has become a second nature to me. I just keep moving forward by telling myself that it will be over soon and things will get better. Be optimistic my friend and lets keep moving forward.

  • @Whatever77 Yes, you too ❤ Everything will be fine soon, it's always like that.

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