Why we have friends

  • Freedom Writers

    Left to your own devices,
    you start to think what life is.
    Past problems, and solutions,
    Things that have bettered you, and your contributions.
    Insecutrities can pop up, and you know they're all lies.
    Sometimes you can't help it, and you begin to agonize.
    Then a helping hand appears,
    and all those fears dissapear.
    Parts of you that you thought were empty,
    were just waiting to be filled by someone with sympathy.
    You don't consider yourself to be anything special,
    then they show up and remind you how essential,
    you are to them, with just your company,
    and you realize those lies, get in the way, and you begin to agree,
    that nothing is wrong, it's all in your head.
    You know without them you'd only feel dread,
    but then they're there, and you just find yourself in comfort.
    Sometimes it's easy to distort,
    the feelings that you have,
    then there to show you the way, and you're just so glad,
    that you have a partner in this life, to ride with you till the end.
    The best thing is this isn't the end of this story, it's only ready to begin.

  • Aaaamazing

  • @blooddrunk i thought u were my friend 😞

  • I don't have friends

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