• Soul Searchers

    Thre r some fact about us also
    1)Love to make friends
    2) Most of the boys are easy minded.
    3) can't do gossip but always laugh when hear their own.
    4) Boys have a unique feature tho, they have many more dreams but they won't think for a while to sacrifice that dream bcz of their family issues.
    5) Do a lot but won't make u feel that. They love to all the things in a hidden manner.
    6) Most of the boys love their mom much. They love their dad also. But mom is more fav to them. (It's for most of the boys,not for all)
    7) They are experts in balancing. Like they know how to maintain the balance between mom n wife. They have to do a lot for it. It's not so easy 😭
    8 ) Boys have an excitement to learn new things,like they won't go back to learn everything that is new to them
    9) Have a gurdian typ mentality,like when u r with a boy, he automatically handle u with care,if he don't know u thn also
    10) Boys are also sentimental and have much more feelings but they shy to publish. They won't make to understand any of these
    11) They know how to cry loudly but u won't hear their roar. It's silent but loud in them
    For most of the boys it'll be true

  • @Lucifer114 Agree..Bro : )..
    Especially that feeling thing : )

  • Soul Searchers

    @XD7 yap. Boys are like coconut. In every moment of life they are suffering in any situation. But when they make their families happy, they smile publicly. But they cry secretly

  • @Lucifer114 I am Also a Depressed Boy.. XD

  • Soul Searchers

    @XD7 Depressed is just a word buddy. When u can divide it by two words, you'll get to know the solution of ur prblm. Like Deep pressed. U have pressed urself deeply. Just light it up. U will feel a peace

  • @Lucifer114 all ok !! It's you perspective towards boys

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    Wish it was true for all so that I could get some tips to impress my crush😔😅😂😉

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