• Anyone have advice on how to move on from a break-up?

  • @zeeeeeeeeeee Firstly, you need to evaluate way you were with that person in the first place. Were you there for purely material reasons or something else? Spend a few days thinking about what you did wrong, talk to someone to get your thoughts in order. Once sorted, and you know you're not going make the same mistake again, put aside that knowledge. Then you need to find a new destination to move too, find that and move towards it, if it doesn't work out, find something closer and move to that. Keep moving forward.

  • Soul Searchers

    It honestly depends on your relationship. How long you guys dated, how often you still see each other, if you have the same friends, why you guys broke up. All that good stuff

  • Depends if they cheated or what happened, find out if you really wanna move on or stay? Otherwise just stay positive find some hobbies and someone to cuddle with

  • I could recommend you to go somewhere alone. The best would be a beautifull place, of wich you are shure that you will stay undisturbed. Eventually bring some Alcohol with you. But not knock yourself out with it, just enough to enhance feelings. Like 1 Beer or something like that. Sit down and think all aspects of the relationship through. Take your time and just think. Do nothing else. After a while you schould rationalise the whole topic and then think of positive parts of your live. What you still have and will soon get. Think of your friends, your family, your dreams that you still want to accomplish, etc. When you have cleared your head go back home and fell better. I hope this will help you. I wish you good luck.

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