• Hi I would just really like to make some friends right now lol
    I've been going through a pretty tough break up so.. and trying to make friends would be a good distraction for me.

    About me:
    I'm 17, non-binary they/them, my name is Vick, and I'm bisexual but prefer guys more than girls(not that im looking to date rn just some friends), I live in the US in Pacific time, im not scared to say it but I do have anxiety and depression issues and things like that and im always trying to be positive whenever I can be, I'm pretty shy and quiet and kind of aloof, its always hard for me to make friends :weary: I'm shy at first, but if people put effort into me I warm up to them quickly and access my weird side :yum:

    My interests:
    I like playing video games, mostly assassins creed, fallout 4, sims 4, and minecraft
    I love cats and have 3 of my own and I just love animals in general
    I really love Stranger Things and The Office
    I like any music except metal, rap, hip hop, hard rock

    My views on things:
    I support love is love, idk if I can get political so ill just wait on that for personal discussions lol

    yeah thats kind of it :blush:

  • Hi !
    Just added you.
    Going thru a rough breakup myself and tho our interests are miles apart, I think feelings and how to deal with them are pretty universal.
    Please don't think I'm a freak when you see my profile & nickname, joined in a different state of mind as I am now.