• Me and my partner broke up about a year ago but we still remained in contact and were on and off during the whole time which didn’t create a sense off a breakup. I recently expressed my feelings to her and how I still loved her and she told me that she still loves and cares for me but she still isn’t sure she can get back with me because of how the last break up hurt her. She said she needs time to figure out what she wants and isn’t sure she feels as strongly as I do. We were together for 4-5 years was happy relationship but were young and I wasn’t ready to make big commitments as I was 22. How should I handle this situation? Should I just allow no contact to help her think and me to heal and feel better? Feel like if I give her to much time apart I may not get her back and she will move on. Thank you I am grateful for any support or help

  • Don't contact her, but find a way to spy on her to keep an eye on how she reacts and if it seems like she's looking to move on then contact her. Good luck

  • @Lurker thank you, I have been honest and opened up about how I feel and her reaction was she needed time to decide because she isn’t sure she wants to be hurt again. I think giving her the time but also need to move forward to make sure I’m not staying in this spot for to long

  • @james33141

    If you are still together on and off just be open and honest about it.
    Tell her how you feel, tell her what you want and tell her you are willing to give it a try if she wants and that you'll give her the time she needs to think, but don't let her take forever to decide... If she really loves you, she will decide eventually otherwise it will only be back and forth...
    Goodluck and remember, open up, be honest and things will be good!

  • @james33141 Get out there, start flirting with other girls, don't act like you're in a relationship (which you are not). However don't start sleepin around either, I only said flirting :yum:

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