• Have your parents helped you in life?

  • I appreciate my mom very much. She works all day long and often all night. I'd give my mom a 100/10.

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    yeah of course, i mean both my parents have been very supportive of me all my life, i love my mom the most in the world, used to have some sweet bitter fights with my dad, but that was when i was very young :D love my parents <3

  • that's for sure, even though um.. unforgivable moments happened and family drama here and there BUT ! I'm still grateful for who they're and what they have been trying to achieve for me, they're the ones who raised,feed, took care of me like none else, no matter what i do i cannot repay them because they wished and wanted me to have a good life and all what i can do wish and do for them to have good death ( yes i know it's bit mean i couldn't find better word in my dictionary ) !

  • @danaliz-cabello my mom has been a huge part of my life, she has shaped me into the man I am today. My dad however is a POS who split when I was younger and left my mom to raise 3 boys on her own. I haven’t talked to him in years

  • @willoww exactly you are who you are because of everything that happens to you. And you are an amazing person because of it (>•.•)>

  • @football_m29 that's kinda like my family. My dad isn't around but he treats my mom and me and my siblings really badly. He sometimes goes out for long periods of time and sells drugs and weed with his friends 😕

  • Of course! I would say that .. thanks to them I became the person I am today. I went through so many paths, so many steps ... through my many drugs, my bad friends, my coming out, ... my parents have always been there to support me, without me judge! They accept me in all my states .. and always help me and support in every success! I owe them all my respect :)

  • @football_m29 that's terrible

  • @football_m29 that's good

  • @football_m29 My father also left when I was very young.. :( I was 3yrs old when my parents were separated... and he disappeared for several months without giving us any news. I have waited so long before i can see him again.. I just didn't understand what was going on.. but we haven’t the choice to ”accept” this part...Eventually, he came back after 1yr i think, but he really took his role as father only after some years. I'm so with you! 🙏

  • @willoww deep
    My bio mom is a piece of shit and a lier. Literally the day I met her she lied to me. My adoptive mom is the kindest person I ever met and you would really have to just hate adults in general to not love her and respect her. Parents can be a pain in the ass but just think about how they feel about you.

  • My Bio dad is in prison for illegal drug use and child endangerment, my adoptive dad is in prison for rape, predator, child abuser, child endangerment, etc. the police literally wanted to give him as many charges as they could find against him because of what he did to me my two older sisters and my niece.

  • @danaliz-cabello My parents...they are well how do i put it??? we're a pretty normal bunch im good with them we have an alright relationship nothing great. I want to do more for myself at the moment.

  • @omgdanaliz I only have one parent, my dad. My mom left when I was younger and I have a stepmom who i'm pretty sure hates me.

  • @omgdanaliz I totally appreciate my parents they do everything for me and they were always there for me when I was kid

  • @danaliz_queen hell yea i do my dad id like my best friend and my mom.....shes a fuckin superhero im blessed to have them . but yea they do my dad helps me with daily problems and my mom has talked me outta being arrested i would have a criminal record if it wasnt for mom and i didnt even touch the top of the iceberg.

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    'Honor your father and mother'


  • @danaliz-cabello sounds like my dad except when he left he threatened to burn the house down with us inside it

  • @danaliz-cabello oh well it made me a better/stronger person because I grew up saying I would never be anything like him

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