• My siblings and I are planning to surprise our parents with their 25th wedding anniversary. I was assigned to choose for the theme and I’m quite confused if I should go with the silver theme or think about another one. Our eldest brother want things to be perfect in that day so I’m pressured about being the organizer for the said event. This is also stressing me. While looking for great insights for the upcoming celebration, I came to a foreign bride social suggesting on throwing a party for a couple’s wedding anniversary. Will my parents appreciate this kind of affair? Do you guys have any suggestion about this? Please, I need help!

  • Someone in here that their parents already celebrates their silver wedding anniversary. Can you share your great idea guys about this event?

  • @excitedsiblings Don't panic about organizing an event. If you just believe in yourself I'm sure everything will turnout smoothly. Aside from the traditional silver theme why not have a family trip abroad. There's no need to have a lavish party as long as you have an intimate relationship with every member in the family. I guess that is the greatest gift that you could give to your parents.

  • @excitedsiblings don't stress yourself about that. ask your friend or anybody about that. for me, I will go for the silver theme. a simple but elegant theme I guess will suit your parents.

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