Who cares about stranger ?

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    What? Really? U care about someone whom you don't know ? U care about someone whom u have never seen ? U care about someone who lives far away from you and whose reality u don't know ? We care about strangers when we got nothing productive to do ... Mom and Dad are ready to help us at any time irrespective of what they are doing or how important their work is ... But strangers!? Do they really care ? I don't think so . We are just entertainment for a stranger here . Don't you think ?

  • @Ash005 What is the guarantee someone in your "real life" does? 🤔🤷‍♂️

    If you care, if I care, others must too. You can never prove it on or offline. You can only decide who is worth taking the chance on.

  • @SJo Yes the truth is we don't know each other YET.. If we can convince ourselves that some people we met here are genuine, we can bring these friendship more into real life rather than just being online texting friends. Don't let distance be a barrier. Play smart 😉

  • @Matt_Aranha You've got all the right words. Positive feelings after your saying, everybody's cheered, I think.

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    @Ash005 yeah bro, you are pretty right about that, but the thing is that we don't have anything productive to do...and we are kinda lost here...like a limbo...LOL

    Truly Internet is Beautiful..!!

  • @Ash005 I know, we want truthfullness, reliability authenticity, empathy and respect. Here we are chatting, exchanging thoughts and playing with fire 😂 There's a limit to how far we can get with words, eventually we need to add nonverbal communication like facial expression and vocal tone. If we're getting all that from these strangers then we can consider them as proper candidates for genuine friends 🙂

  • @SJo @Ash005 😂😂 Oh my! Case dismissed.

  • @Ash005 I'm well and truly in the same corner as @kaia_ here. I quite often get asked why I care about strangers so much. I always ask them back, why WOULDN'T I care? I've never had anyone be able to answer me that.

    I find it sad when people find online connections purely superfluous. When you reach out and support someone, or they offer you support and and help to you if you should need it, how is that not productive? If we nurtured our relationships with strangers and shared our wisdom and compassion instead of being dismissive and viewing each other as "ships that pass in the night", would that not help us all grow/flourish and then in turn our society?

    I'm delighted for you that you have parents who are constantly there, but you only need to look around some of the threads on this very site to realise how naïve a position it is to think it is the case for everybody. The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb; some people are crying out for a friendly ear from a stranger simply because they do not have love at home and have not been shown kindness in the real world.

    I am not suggesting friendships made online are meant to last forever; I believe in people coming into our lives when we need them, some stay, some go. I'd ask how many real world connections last a lifetime? People who have grown up together often drift apart. I don't think a lack of visual/audio/physical contact is an obstacle to friendship or to the simple capacity in one's heart to care. It's all about intent and the effort you are prepared to make.

  • @SJo I know... when you're surrounded by so many trolls and game players as floods some sites it can be hard. It takes a lot of effort to find the connections that make it worthwhile, and for a lot that just isn't worth it. It doesn't help either when as I think @Ash005 was suggesting, people appear to get close then let you down because they're only pretending to care, they're only here for passing acquaintances or for what they can get out of others.

    The way I've always viewed it, arithmetic and logic alone says there must be good people online who I can be real, compatible friends with. It's just a matter of numbers whether I find them or not and how long it takes (and whether I give up before I find them 😂).

    But I do find some. I hope in time you do too.

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    @kaia_ We should not hope for truthfulness, reliability authenticity, empathy and respect from people we dont know also if we do hope then we must not feel sad when we do not get it because that will get our time and mood ruined by a STRANGER . And when it comes to considering strangers as proper candidates for genuine friends ... I dont think they help you with anything except entertainment and suggestions if they dont live near you . So still we are all about entertainment and suggestions ... even entertainment and suggestions are given to us only when the person is FREE to give not like our loved ones ... ISN'T IT STRANGE ... because someone who really likes you and has become your GOOD FRIEND WILL NEVER CARE ABOUT TIME AND SITUATION TO HELP . The limitation is in our mindset or maybe in the mindset of only few people here ... words are sufficient to express what you want to say u just need to have the knowledge of proper words and what is insufficient is TRUST

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    @Ash005 @kaia_ I actually agree partially with both of you.
    So this is my opinion, short and sweet.
    This platform is a great place to make new friends, chat with them, get to know people and stuff. But taking things personal and acting creepy is not recommended, as it will have consequences for yourself and not others, cause after all everyone's a stranger here.

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    @kaia_ Can u tell how to PLAY smart?

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    @kaia_ Really ?
    People here don't even give you the chance to prove your genuineness. Here I would like stick with @Ash005 , as bringing these friendships into real life seems impractical, or rather unrealistic. Very few, I mean very few who are lucky enough would be able to turn this unrealistic thing realistic..

  • @SJo lost? Whos lost in here?

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    @kaia_ we dont want to play but if u can play then tell us how do you play online also tell what do u play with?

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    @a-lost-girl maybe you

  • Gamers

    @a-lost-girl Yeah...isn't it obvious from your chat name...LMAO

  • @Ash005 Don't rush your learning process. When it's right, you'll know.. Good things take time.

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    @kaia_ what good things? also, i don't want to learn how to play online ... i just want to know how u play online ... u can DM me if u cant tell it here ... it is on u tho if u can tell here then tell

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    @kaia_ oo is that so?
    Okay no offense, but are u implementing this theory with everyone you follow here ?
    I mean how many of them do u know who are genuine, and how many are you friends with outside TWS?

    May b it's none of my business, but just for the sake of the argument here...LOL

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