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    Well well well!!

    The day has comeee and here by i am announcing the results that we have been waiting for looooong timeeee!!!!

    are you readyyy???

    So here it comess!

    There will be certificate awards according to the following list.

    1. Most active user on public chat

    2. Best friend award

    3. Best topic maker

    4. Funniest user

    5. Best story teller

    6. User with best replies

    7. Best GIF user

    8. Hottest user

    9. Coolest stoner

    10. Most sexual user

    Here we go: ➡️


    This user always keeps the public chat alive whenever it dies, congratulations @kanuna for being the most active user on public chat!!

    alt text

    Keep it up buddy!! You are the best


    Everybody likes having friends who cares for them and cheer them up. TWS, although a friendly environment, has many spammers, pervs, and some shitty trolls. The following user can make many friends in just one day, and is always there if needed.
    Congratulations @willoww for being there for everyone!!

    alt text

    The site appreciates you!! Keep it up buddy!!


    Topics is one of the many things that keeps this site alive and interesting. It gies people a chance to discuss strange things and even argue from time to time. The better the topic, the more fun the answers will be. This user has made topics that are outta this world and people can count on if they are looking for questions to answer. The better the topic is the bigger the discussion it gets! Congratulations @RAGNAR for keeping this site interestinggggg!!!

    alt text

    Keep it up buddy!! We love you!


    I dont think I have ever met a person who LIKES to be sad. Hell, i hate seeing other people sad. The cure to a bad day : laughter. There are many users that come to my mind when i think of jokesters. I know you can think of one user who knows exactly what to say to make you laugh!!! However, there is one that most people thought of.... Congratulationssss @football_m29 for keeping users of this site happy

    alt text

    Keep the jokes coming dudeeeee!


    Sometimes chats/topics/pub chat get boring as hell. But there is an easy way to start up a convo: telling a storyyyyy. It can be a stupid story, talking bout your day, or even one that happened long ago. Whatever it is, there is one user who cannot keep their mouth shut with stories...
    Congratulations @willoww for being best story teller!

    alt text

    Buddy you rock! You need to teach us your techniques!!


    One of the worst feelings in the world is when your topic gets ignored, or gets some shitty ass replies. However, we were able to come up with one user who can comment and liven up the discussion. Keep the topics happy and funnn and busyyy.
    Congratulations @football_m29 for being the user with the best replies

    alt text

    keep it up buddy the site appreciate you alot


    Since the GIF feature was updated, I have seen more and more usage of GIFs. Hell, sometimes i fall off my bed laughing when someone crafts up the perfect response using a GIF. One user managed to snag this award with her perfect GIF fluency. :p
    Congratulations @black_beetle for using our feature more accurately!

    alt text

    keep it up buddy!! You are the best!!


    I know i know, who likes comparing looks? But heyyy, this award was won fair and square.
    The site voted @black_beetle as the hottest user on tws! Congratulationss!

    alt text

    you are the best


    Lmao, I have met many many users who like to speak about weed. Hell, just last week I was in the middle of a pub chat discussion about this shit. (i will never understand).
    @ИОЯ was voted as the coolest (haha dopest) stoner on TWS. We appreciate how cool you are, especially when you high :p.

    alt text

    keep it up dude!!


    We had most hottest user and now here comes the most sexual. Some people just cant stay away from the sex jokes and sext sessions. Addicting afffff! Also i just want to remind you THIS WASNT MY CHOICE YOU GUYS VOTED IN THESE LINKS.




    Congratulations @marcel for being the most sexual user in our community!!!

    alt text

    you rock buddy keep it up

    And so my babies, we have reached the end. Congratulations to everyone on this list, and i decided I will be doing one of these in another two or three months. TWS is constantly getting new users and in the meantime you can be voting in the links whenever you like. Also, sidenote, I won two awards. And i just want to say, the descriptions were prewritten, i wasnt trying to compliment myself I promise 😂😂. Thx to @RAGNAR for helping me put this post together, youre the best :). Thx and bye byeeee

  • @willoww congratulations to everyone that won, these awards were very well deserved by all. I truly appreciate those that voted for me in both categories I won. I will try to keep them jokes coming and keep those posts filled with comments lol

  • Gamers

    woah, nunuu won two of them, very nice :D

  • Movie Buff Music Lovers Gamers

    @willoww (Inner voice: Omg omg omg Screams inside) gasps
    I'm really speechless now but it's time to say Thanks to everyone whoever voted me for the best GIF user and Hottest user on TWS. I really appreciate you guys for the nominations as well as votes I've got. (cries) I would like to dedicate these awards to all my friends and family (stops crying). It's a great honour and a privilege to take these awards with me. Once again, I'm so lucky to have such great friends and family. Thank you!

  • @black_beetle You really should download and frame them. Especially the hottest user one.
    Rag designed them to be framed!

  • @jynextremist Yes imma double award winner!

  • Movie Buff Music Lovers Gamers

    @lucifer_ Oh sure luci! Definitely I'm gonna frame both the certificates for real! Thank you @RAGNAR your designs for the certificates are really awesome!
    thank you

  • @black_beetle lmao you are welcome buddy
    you are welcome

  • @black_beetle heyyy, i voted for you, what are you getting me OwO
    alt text

  • @jynextremist i will get you all collections of (hot wheels car) some candies and finally will take you to McDonalds ok?
    hot wheels

  • @black_beetle me too

  • @football_m29 yay!!

  • @black_beetle and now i feel like an 8 year old, no problem, come on grandma lets gooo :p
    lets go

  • @jynextremist because I always see you like a kid!! I'm coming!!! Let's goooooooo....Wait! What?? Did you just call me grandma?
    hit on wall

  • @black_beetle lol, yeah the cool grandma
    alt text

  • @black_beetle lol, i know how you feel :DD
    alt text

  • Omg! Amazing job @Willoww ... i loved the awesome posters! who is the great designer behind them :)

  • Have you all shared your certificates and this post on your social media to impress your friends :D