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  • I just fascinated about this

    Living beings shouldn't be exist

    How can some gas n dust make it all?

  • @OnlyAsh33 but we all know that they also pay taxes

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    @OnlyAsh33 Ash, it is only considered Non Living by our understanding and ideas. There may be other forms of living that we don't understand. For the longest time, we believed plants have no feeling, or even understanding of death, but through advancement, we now know, they do exhibit fear(anxiety) and also comfort. This was something that always existed, but we were not aware.. So there is a chance, there is other forms of life out there, maybe even rocks, but we are just not aware yet.

  • @Cold-Sun
    I mean everything around earth is non living things. Im just saying how is it possible for our existence if everything around us is so dull and non living stuff

  • @SheepSkate33 Interesting question, I have no idea

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    @SheepSkate33 There could be other living things habiting deep in the surface of other planets and are well adapted to surviving in extreme conditions that cannot support human life or other living things on earth besides those microscopic ones embadded in other solar system bodies like asteroids the scientists might not have discovered. Do you think the existence of eliens is a theory or believe and how wonderful innit? well, it ain't a science convention some ideas will always stay rejected just becoz it's just a minority that approves it. Let things be the way it. The creator put humankind on this planet with other living things because it's a planet with ocean water that supports life for creatures only able to survive on earth although tech has also played it's role to prove there could be existence of living things in other solar systems out there. Also, am not trying to completely doubt your point that everything around us is so full and non living thing which is true according to the different space searches made but as I say earlier, there could be some element of existence of other living things in those extreme conditions of other planets the scientists might not have discovered.

  • @Cold-Sun
    Yeah I agree with it. I believe in aliens. I wrote this topic coz of dark matter. Although dark matter is found after normal matter, space is more filled with dark matter .
    And thing is we can't see or touch it. Not even on atomic level. Maybe some living beings lives in that dark matter and our normal matter is dark matter for them.

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    @OnlyAsh33 I wouldn't drown in such imaginations

  • i imagine the same thought's happening with other livings on other planets/ worlds

  • @LakeBodom maybe. Or maybe know their origin already

  • @LakeBodom yeah and maybe worse if they paying by their soul

  • @OnlyAsh33 nah man , there are other lives of course

  • @LakeBodom ahh like livestocks.

  • Why shouldn’t life exist? At the end of the day all you need is a system that is capable of maintaining itself. Why wouldn’t that just happen? Unremarkable, at the end of the day that’s all we are.

  • @AXES
    Rocks would never had life form in it. It's just minerals and dust. If they had life form then every planet have living beings.
    About trees yeah they have life in it.

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    @SheepSkate33 Yes that is evident too but as you know, there's a lot hidden behind those cosmological theories but I think it's better to go with the biblical side.

  • @SheepSkate33 said in Let's talk about this:

    Rocks would never had life form in it. It's just minerals and dust. If they had life form then every planet have living beings.
    About trees yeah they have life in it.

    Trees just are life. That thing about life not living in rocks. Google says this: “Endoliths are organisms that live inside rocks or in pores between mineral grains. These creatures are thought to have been found in a large range of environments - from rocks on the Earth's surface to miles beneath the subsurface!“

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