Have you ever been betrayed or cheated by a boy / girl? how did you cope with it. Betrayal. Unfaithfulness.

  • whats your story, how do you feel deceived, cheated or betrayed?
    how did you face your betrayal and it's affects on your life. did the break ups left you stronger than before or more vulnerable?
    how have you dealt with a broken heart and gotten over it?
    how many ex(s) have you made due to disloyalty, how have you dealt with broken heart?
    are you happy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: after break up or are you sad :crying_face: ?

  • @jessica-mormont Yes. I felt alone

  • @jessica-mormont I've kissed my best friend when he had a gf, we aren't dating now, I felt bad bc she was betrayed so I went and talked to her, she punched me and gave me a bloody nose but then i punched her where the sun don't shine as hard as a could and she fell so i walked away.

  • -deleted-

  • if I was cheated, I'd go ahead with the remaining life without any apprehension. Life goes on, someone was either cheated or not.

  • I've cheated and been cheated on. Feels HORRIBLE either way, just please be faithful or everyone's gonna get hurt including you.

  • @jessica-mormont my relationship was great so from 2009 to 2014 one night I caught ex girlfriend riding on the top of old man because she said she was “feeling sorry” for him because he have nothing when we were had everything like house, holiday, and wedding so everything was cancelled etc. Then I suffer depression and anxiety also loss weight after this relationship ended in 2014 til 2018 and I m get better now by start boxing since 2018Zz it’s was tough journey and I look back I m glad I’m strong to made this decision.

  • I died once, I got better... it was a scuba accident. I literally died. I was betrayed, died figuratively... I never got better. the pain of drowning was harsh but over time the memory of it was not that bad... but the betrayal? Never gets better. It changed me.

  • Well, I was with a girl almost 4 years. She was in Poland, and I was in Germany. I was working there. I went every 2 months to Poland, to visit her, and sometimes she visited me in Germany too. We had plans, a lot of plans, we wanted to get married too.

    I was working on a construction site, and we needed to wait for materials,but it didn't came. So my boss said, that we can go for 2 weeks of earlier, as it was planned.
    I thought it would be perfect, to go to Poland, and not saying a thing to my girl. I wanted to surprise her.
    So I got in a car, drove to Poland. I bought her flowers, silver necklace with pendant, and of course - red wine. I drove to her.
    She was studying, and she had apartment with 3 other girls (they already known me). I knocked on the door, and a friend of my girl opened, and said: "Hi. Oh. I think that's not a good time for you to come by"

    And I had a million thoughts in my head. I ran inside, to her room. She was sleeping with other guy. I woke them up. I beat the boy, threw him out, and then I got out.

    My ex girl, got out, and she said: "I don't know how it happened".

    I laughed hard as I could, and I went to my car. She was begging, etc. I got in my car and drove home.

    I gave the necklace with pendant back, got money back

  • @jessica-mormont if you get cheated on, betrayed, anything like that, you should kick that person out of your life, once a cheater, always a cheater.

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    Yes, was deviated, time heals things (allegedly, I'm still bitter but that's cause I want to see my fucking kids, not related to her other than that)

  • Greeting happy being,
    If you guys loved you partner as you should do and understanding indivuals space and time you wouldn't be commenting or talking Ill about your love. I shall explain may it's logical or illogical but some sense or non sense to brain
    U choose you partner with your free will and choice fully aware and with concious.
    If you love some one all you seek happiness for them yeah will do anything to keep happy ..
    Funny isn't it that if they do some thing without your concern and lie to you because of fear of loosing so why are you hurt ? you should feel happy and good about it, do not matter what you partner did but your partner is happy what they did without your concern so technically you should be happy that your partner is happy right ??
    So tell me what is it love or possession, or owning a ?? Perspective !!

  • I cried and then thought fuck them.

  • It have just happened again. Last summer I met a guy, thought he was the best, then one night a friend posted pictures of him kissing with another girl in a club on his vacation. He said he was drunk so we moved on somehow, but again he was flirting with all girls, so I broke up with him. Somehow dating with me made him popular, and just a day after we broke up, he was basically having sex with a girl who was my friend in front of me and all our friends. I had to leave them all just to survive, been in depression for 1 month, not eating only crying in my bed. Months later I moved on somehow, trying to do things for myself, with new friends, new life, new town even. But he was trying to contact me many times. Then a few months ago, I had to go back and I started spending time with those friends again, I missed them, so I had to see him, and I was so weak one night, because he was so nice with me, so I gave him a chance, because he is smart and nice and I love him. Best night. A few days ago the same girl came to party and he was flirting AGAIN openly, I just said it bothered me, and he just said OK BYE and started kissing with her in front of me. Been crying since

  • betrayed? how bout your girl n yopu have a fight and she runs to the bathroom and shuts the door. 30 minutes later comes out crying and gives you hug. all is well right? then you feel something warm on your hand. its her blood from slitting her wrists. and she does this all in front of a 6 yr old kid! tells you YOU are the reason. yes that really happened

  • @Roll-sBaby one of the best bits of advice my mum ever gave me is this- don't get down, get angry! - you are worth more, please see that

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