• Long story short my bf broke up with me but said he still loves me. He hasn't talked to me or anything but hasn't changed his relationship status on Facebook or his profile picture which is still of us and it's been about a week now. So I know he still loves me but broke up with me because of there was too much fighting. Does it mean he still wants to be with me and we can work it out? His he being stubborn like he knows he still loves me but is still a little upset and doesn't want to talk it out with me or admit he wants me back? Is it pride? Everyone says listen to the signs but I don't know what they are. Should I chase him and let him know how I feel and where I stand or should I wait for him to make the first move or should I just move on because no matter how much he loves me he won't come back? I don't know what the signs are and I really don't know how men work other than you have to explain stuff to them a few times. He is stubborn sometimes but he (almost) never has a problem swallowing his pride and apologizing when he's wrong of mad a mistake I'm sure he's just as confused as I am. But I don't want to charge him and risk pushing him away further but I don't want to wait forever and then he just decided to move on if that's not what he wanted.... I need help

  • It sounds like you drove him to this :( A guy with no problem keeping aside his ego and admitting his faults, has abandoned you, you might as well conclude that it's all getting too much for him. Please try looking past your own woes, he said he loves you but cannot bear anymore of the pain being inflicted upon him. He sounds like a genuine person worth going back to. He'd love to know that you value him just as much and are willing to put in efforts. When your other half gets angry, instead of retaliating and making it a war of ego, think about them.
    I went through the same phase, my guy told me the harshest things about myself and they were actually true. After this mega fight, he said he needs a break for months. Since he called my out on my flaws, I accepted them immediately and apologized and asked him not to give up on us. I wouldn't say we've nullified all of our problems, but he's very happy and stress free since then.

    Guys don't like hearing you complain or fighting. Even when there are issues, try taking them out with him. If he cannot change himself, you gotta evaluate what's more important to you, him or the issue. You have to accept that most of the times, HE WON'T CHANGE. It's pretty hard finding decent people men out there, so don't throw away all the love for little issues.
    For example, my major complain always was that he has no time for me. That I'm his last priority, he places everything about us at the end. But it isn't so, men are weird :p They think of one thing at a time, while his career might be his first priority, it doesn't mean you have no place in his heart.

    All in all, true love is feeling 'Darling when you're in pain, my world stops.'