• Distance or time should never matter in a relationship if it is 'true' love. Maybe, the 'true' love concept does not really exist these days. Hence, so many couples fail to handle long-distance relationships. Low patience and other priorities in life make people fall in and out of love quite often.
    The most common reason for any long distance relationship to fail is the lack of trust between the partners. Trust is the base of each and every relationship. Relationship advice tips suggest that you must trust your partner wholeheartedly. This would lead to the relationship bond become more and stronger.
    Insecurities is another reason why long distance relationships fail. Doubts and lack of confidence in your partner is not good for these relationships. You and your partner should express each other your insecurities and should work towards it. If you and your partner are in a long distance relationship, make sure insecurities do not take over your mind. A good relationship advice is to stop getting insecure with your partner and believe in him/her.
    In long distance relationships, you meet new people and tend to get attracted to them as you spend more time with them. This is one common reason why long distance relationships fail. You must keep good contact with your partner all the time to avoid getting attracted to someone else.
    Say it the physical needs or cravings, making love can be a reason for the failure of long distance relationships. When a couple has not been with each other for a long time, the cravings in the relationship increases. The thirst for flesh and bones, at times drives a partner to cheat and this creates the void in the relationship.
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  • I mean, maybe. What if you meet no new people? What if you don't have a spark with other persons? You can have a relationship that isn't based on weird crushes and just enjoy being apart from a loving partner. Cheating isn't based on fucking or romance, it's based on what the cheater is missing from the initial relationship (I think) so as long as you're open, then there is less opportunity to miss out. Otoh, if you aren't happy, then talk about it. Physicality is important to a lot of people, so talk it out.

  • @Skyye long distance relationship will become successful only if you do not care whether you can touch him or her . Sometimes we think we need a hug from our love but we can't get as she or he is far away from us . But why do people forget that they have other people who love them , like mom and dad or bothers and sisters , or maybe their best friends... You can get a hug from them easily and then you should be happy . If you truly love someone (true love is not a simple thing ) then you will never miss that person , you will just love that person endlessly no matter how far that person stays from you .

  • That excludes a bunch of retiring or ace people. Or maybe even otherwise occupied people. .. is it still romance if you don't fuck? Can you love without mashing genitals together? Can you find another way to be intimate and comforting? Sex can be important or not.. but to discard distance-relationships as impossible.. seems silly in light of how distant many people are and how varied love and affection can be.

  • @Ash005 ya & noone wants a family-like relationship. It's just the insecure emos who want relationships online are greater in number & therefore make up the statistic of how successful these relationships are. LMAO

  • @Allison LOL...I imagine from where they have read all this or what experience gives them these ideas .

  • @Allison I missed your posts 🙄😊 as u were off since many days

  • @Allison OMG. Yeah, no one wants non-vag or penis relationships? Crack a fucking book. How boring to think relationships encompass nothing more than genitals rubbing against each other.

  • @Skyye that's what I told...they think because they can't touch him or her their relationship may fail 😑😑😑😑😑 this is ridiculous

  • Agree. Relationships are made of many things. Touch is a part of it, kind of. And that ... inclination? requirement that touch = fucking = sexual attraction is a no go. Humanity is/could be so much more. ... Anyway.

  • @Skyye you r absolutely right ... And why should someone think that only the love of her gf or bf can make him or her feel good.😡😡😡what about the mom and dad who raised us and do everything to give us a good life. The worst thing about most of the teenagers nowadays is that ... They think .... Love = touch + kiss + get laid + hurt him or her for some shittt reason + leave them alone when ur sexual feelings r satisfied ...😡😡😡...correct me where I am wrong .

  • I mean... I agree... kind of. Love is love is not necessarily sex. AND Maybe I've drank one glass too much but.. let's respect each other and stop touching where it seems otherwise expected... and enjoy closeness without sexuality. Just affection and friendship.

    Still. Love has many expressions. So it's uncool for me to demand everybody feel the same way I feel. As long as there is consent and hopefully pleasure? then... idk.

  • Wow!That's quite the debate 🌹