What should i do

  • I met this girl 3 weeks ago.. we talked a bit, danced etc. She had to go home early but i got her number and all. When she left her friends told me i shouldnt ask her out... so i didnt. I cant stop thinking about her... what now?

  • That's a tough one there friend. Usually speaking, I'd advise you follow that voice in your chest, but if her friends are saying not to ask her out, I think you should pursue a reason for that before taking your shot. It could be something dangerous you're walking into.

  • @Vinko Why did her friends say that? Did you ask them? There must be some reason behind it

  • hmm , if you just met her at the club.. follow her friends advice 🙂

  • yeah bro plus the reason why you thinking about her is cause youre attracted to her not in love you probably just wanna have sex with this girl you dont fall in love after meeting her in a club

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