• While I was abroad for business trip two days ago, one of my friends told me he saw my drunk girlfriend on the club he was at. I was worried because I knew I won’t be able to get her out of the club since I was away. So I ended up calling her best friend and asked him to take her home. Luckily, he agreed. I do not have anyone to trust her with. Her best friend is the only way and even though he’s man himself, I didn’t have other choice. When I got back home, the first thing I did was to visit my girlfriend in their house. When she saw me, tears started to pool in her eyes; I wondered why. I asked her, then she cried hard. I hugged her and she said she was sorry. At that moment, my heart was beating faster, like it wanted out of my rib cage. When she told me she had slept with her best friend, I felt thousands of knives struck at my heart. I walked away crying. She called me but I wanted to be away. I need space. I’m starting to doubt the loyalty of the kiev ladies now. But I asked her best friend myself, so that means it was my fault. Was it? If she really loves me then that would’ve never happen, right? She drunk, so maybe that really was my fault. I don’t know what to think anymore. Please help me!

  • Dump her and fuck her female friends

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  • @dion11 He really did take good care of your gf dude smh You should give that guy a flying fist, just once hahaha and then follow @Nestlē advice lol

  • Banned

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  • LOL, no its not your fault at all, she betrayed you. I mean why the **** would she go to a club and get totally drunk alone while she has a bf ? Of course she would attract some strangers. And her so called best friend was not drunk at all so why did he sleep with her ? That best friend is a dirty ******* and if she is still friends with him, you should definitely brake up with her.