• I will admit I fucked up. Me and bf had a great relationship and the only reason he broke up with me is because we fought too much towards the end. (Over dumb small stuff but I have hormones I get emotional and irritable but he doesn't understand that fully...) I still love him to death and it's been a little while now but I can't move on. I know I know a million girls have cried he's the one but deep down we didn't have an real issues. usually when something is too good to be true it is but we were perfect other than the fighting. And I want to take a chance and talk to him and see if we can try again but I don't know how he feels and I know we're not mind readers but maybe someone can help me with what I know? So we got into a big fight and not even two hours later while I was at work he sent a break up text quoting he still loves me but the fighting is too much and he needs to move on and get his shit together before he puts it on someone else" and then dropped almost all of my stuff off at my house. And he wouldn't listen to anything I had to say or wouldn't even answer my calls. So he left impulsively, mentioned someone else not anyone else, and forgot a few of my things at his place. Now some of the stuff he forgot yeah we're kind of hidden but my movies were in an obvious spot. Did he forget them on purpose so we could talk again later? I still haven't asked for my stuff back yet. I'm trying to give this time and then he didn't unfriend me on FB infact his Facebook still says he's in a relationship with me and he still hasn't changed his profile picture of us. Now I had to go to the hospital the other night and I was passing out from lack of blood and in a panic attack and I messaged him. After I calmed down I realized it was the middle of the night so I apologized and then I sent a text letting him know I was home and then that morning he gave a nice response saying "i hope they figure out what's going on I'm really sorry you had to go through that" but never asked what it was or what was actually going on. and then we play a game together not like together anymore obviously but when I would log on he would log off. I'm so confused it's mixed signals and I plan on giving it more time before I reach out and ask for the rest of my stuff but does he still want to be with me? Does he still care? Being honest I just really want to know if he'll give me a second chance and let me treat him like the king he is but I know no one can answer that question for me.... Thanks for you time.

  • @Angel94647 i see as you told you both are confused becoz of unintentional fights and growin age. one thing you can do is take your time and discuss with him about the mishappenings u both faced while u were together and try to sort them out and u both will find where it has gone wrong and who made mistake. we all make mistakes. In some instances you had made mistake and in some i made. its better to sort out if you both want to and start living together happily...

  • @Angel94647 "...perfect other than the fighting." Priceless. That's equivalent to saying the Titanic trip was awesome! Aside from the sinking. Just a friendly tip: Ask for the rest of your stuff FIRST. Deal with the rest, later.

  • @Angel94647 He dropped almost all of your stuff off, quickly. That's a pretty clear and strong gesture. If he has kept some of your things like DVDs he could have not realised, he may have changed so much he wanted them for himself, or may be keeping them so that that link is still there as power over you - unfortunately that is the sort of thing people do when then they break up with others and don't genuinely care any more but think they might want to backtrack later, it gives them an excuse. Message him today and say that if you have broken up (as he says you have) you'll need the rest of your things back asap. It is simple, fair, and reasonable - leaving things longer will only make it more painful. Doing this will also open the dialogue you want.

    He didn't ask what was going on when you went to the hospital and you still need other people to spell it out? His reply seems like polite detachment but I bet at least 9 in 10 of your friends would have shown real concern and asked properly what was wrong along with a lot of strangers too. And he couldn't. That should tell you all you need to know. He has ignored you. Rejected your calls. The guy may have issues but HE DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW.

    Perhaps he hasn't changed his relationship status because although he has made the decision it is hard for him, or perhaps (more likely) he simply is waiting for you to do it so that he can feel less guilty. Either way it doesn't matter! This guy has finished with you and is making no effort to reach out! He didn't even let you pick your things up yourself, just emptied his life/home of you and your property and fucked off leaving you lost! Seriously, if he cared at all he would still be checking up on you. Instead he's got you on the end of a string thinking of him constantly and reading into signs which don't mean a thing next to his ACTIONS.

    I can tell your a good and caring person. Everybody fucks up but seriously, you deserve better treatment than this. You need to see that, and if he can't see that then it is his loss not yours. He sure is no "king" - after the way he has been treating you since he broke from you he is the one who would be lucky to receive a second chance from you. Don't get confused and forget that.