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    TRIGGER WARNING: CONTAINS SELF-HARM AND EATING DISORDERS (These are all my original poems and they do cover some pretty heavy topics though some people may not understand. If you do understand these...I'm so sorry for what you've been through. I hope you enjoy and um yeah.)

    The paintbrush is in her hand.
    She starts to stand.
    On the paper, she paints with one color.
    And it ends up becoming another.
    Dripping down on the paper.
    Pretty little dots that start to taper.
    They are now red.
    And once were silver.

    She has a smile.
    It's there for awhile.
    You think she's happy.
    That she always laughing.
    You see a strap.
    So you make it unwrap.
    You see it fall down.
    Her once perfect, now broken crown.
    You give her a slap.
    And see a new crack.

    She has chains that hold her back.
    They are a rusty pitch black.
    She desperately has been searching for the key.
    That will make it so she can finally flee.
    But every time she feels a new pain.
    It seals on another chain.
    The others can't see.
    That she is never free.

    She is told to tell the truth.
    Something that she was never good at in her youth.
    She makes a lie or two.
    When she really knows it's not true.
    She builds up a wall and pushes you out.
    And that's when you begin to shout.

    She starts to shake.
    And then she breaks.
    Her lips aren't sealed.
    And your secrets revealed.
    She says she made a mistake.
    And you reply, "Where's your emergency brake?"

    You are controlled by fear.
    For it is so severe.
    Your idols hold the strings to your life.
    And sometimes will cause you strife.
    And now you can never own yourself once more.
    Because you'll never be who you were before.

    Her pretty eyes.
    Tell the sweetest lies.
    Her gorgeous smile.
    Is there for awhile.
    Her delicate arms.
    Have so much harms.
    You give her applause.
    But not for her flaws.

    She has red arms.
    But no one sees her harm.
    She wrapped them up to be white.
    So no one would get a fright.
    When she opened them up.
    People replied "lock-up."
    And the boy she loved said he made a mistake.
    And that she wasn't the one for him to take.

    She is like a dove.
    Filled with so much love.
    She is so carefree.
    Not a thing is wrong, or at least that's what you see.
    But inside her skin.
    There is something within.
    It is a sin.

    She is like a dove.
    Filled with so much love.
    She is so carefree.
    Not a thing is wrong, or at least that's what you see.
    But inside her skin.
    There is something within.
    It is a sin.

    She is the girl who says she will stop.
    Then turns around and does it again.
    She is the girl who fakes a smile and laughs all day.
    Then cries herself to sleep.
    She is the girl who got rejected because of her scars.
    Then she makes more.
    She is the girl who you hurt or healed.
    Then hides how she really feels.

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    @Ash005 I made these a long time ago to deal with my pain. You don't get to judge me and throw a hissy fit. If you don't like this you can ignore it.

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    @xEchosVoice U R MAKING ME MORE SAD 😡

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  • Animal Lovers Music Lovers

    @xEchosVoice these poems are great ... They r nice enough to make someone feel bad if they are sad with their life ...but it can't be ignored...I am sorry for behaving like that . 😔

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    @xEchosVoice I did not judge you ... Just ahhh leave it ...I went mad after reading your painful poems

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    @xEchosVoice it is related to me in many ways

  • @xEchosVoice No words... thank you so much for sharing ❤

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    @Matt_Aranha Thank you

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