• Hi luvs❤️ So sorry I have been gone for a while. (Bet some of y’all thought I was never coming back) anyway, I have had a lot of things happen in my life and I feel that I want to share some of the things with my other family (you guys☺️). I have gone through a few mental stages in my life where I honestly thought I wasn’t gonna make it through, their were even days where I would stay in my bed in my room in the dark locked away cause I wasn’t in the right mind set. Please do not feel like you are nothing when you are feeling so depressed😔 inside and in your life. I even let go of a couple of my friends cause I felt like I didn’t deserve anyone. I didn’t want anyone to love me cause I felt guilty about things that were so old and so not necessary to even feel guilty about but I felt that way. I didn’t want my friends to suffer along with me and have them waiting around to that one day where I just decide I’m happy again. One of my closest friend came over to my house a week ago and talked to me see how I was doing. I managed to get out of bed and walk to my front door and actually open it and have a conversation with a human. She reminded me that when days like these take over someone’s mind set and life, you need to bring the ones that are so close to you into that darkness to make it light up with sunlight☀️.
    I am now in a better stage in my life, I still feel that darkness and still get depressed out of nowhere, but it has gotten better. I have been seeking help from people who really care for me and I am so BLESSED to have such great people who I HAVE PUSHED AWAY but they still CAME BACK RUNNING. ❤️💕🌸💯☺️

  • @KyNdall hi I didn’t know u when u left but I just wanted to say hi and welcome back and that I can relate to what u we’re going through but I’m glad ur getting through it so I tried to make this short so I wasn’t a bother but welcome back

  • @tyrox213
    Awww🥰 thank you hun so glad you gave me your thoughts we can get through this together!🌸

  • @KyNdall yep no problem have a great day😁

  • @KyNdall Welcome back :)

  • @KyNdall it's good to have you back. Stuff like this happens in everyone's life at some moment. The more you think about that stuff, the more you get depressed so try to divert your attention to things that make you happy and don't leave the people who bring positivity in your life :)

  • I'm glad you are feeling better now, I hope that you have more of these days of light, spending time with your friends who really love you. :)

  • Aww thank you I have been trying to bring myself our of the darkness and into the 💡

  • @KyNdall Darkness is only temporary. Remember, light always shines somewhere. But as a older human...you need a guide, please ask? I've done stupid shit and lived, so if i can grow older but not much wiser (laughing at myself) so can you. :second_place_medal: :joy_cat: