• Finding it a place to talk out my heart... I'm 26 year old guy from India currently pursuing post graduation in medical field ( I'm a doc basically). I find myself very imperfect, have done some mistakes in past, and had went through mental health issues, still managing to live with depression anxiety insomnia with appropriate professional help and supporting parents.. I have not harmed anyone though & kind at heart but I'm very sensitive, overthink, over analyse, procrastinate, keep ruminating, swing between past and future, easily get distracted, sometimes I even go crazy about existential questions, and become a restless spiritual hustler sometimes. I wonder are there people as complex as me??? will anyone dare to accept person like me as I'm and my shortcomings and stay with me as a life partner... This is always a question and insecurity which I feel along with many more questions..

  • @Rakesh25 That's sad. Even after been a doctor, who says you can't develop mental health challenge at some point.
    You must constantly on check because you don't have only your life involved, you have the lives of others to be responsible for.

  • Oh yeah thats. Basically u need to find some ways to accept and love ur self. No ones perfect, what matters is the existence, the striving and then ur own self-contentment. Take it slow, dont worry about hows ur over-thinking doing to ur life, find ur own pace, ur own improvements overtime... U might already know, theres a bunch of stuffs to keep u distracted from restless thoughts but before those u have to figures out ur whole plan first. That included: whats ur worry about, what u can do about it, how do u plan to do it step by step...
    “Life is what happens when u’r busy making other plans”_J.L
    As long as u have a plan, ur already on the right path, and even if u fail those plans keep moving forward with gusto!

    Oh and the last life-hack of mine, who used to over-thinking and depressed-for-no-reason is that u can count on other people’s help, to encourage, discuss or even supervise ur progress, just remember u are not the clown, u are your whole circus 🤡 (jk and good luck, familiar stranger)

  • i think u need a break from everything emotionally mentally and physically. its great that you are taking professional help which i hope it may work for you but i think may be you are going from healing process like even now u feel like this so broken u still holding it and keep moving dont stop now healing is not always be graceful one day u feel shit next day u feel fine it all about the discomfort then acceptance and then growth and yep people are all complex our these emotions feelings make us complex and that is normal and human. take care

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