• Part One

    Chapter :


    The parlour hearth radiated dutifully,
    and the doctor divulged in the leaves of a novel,
    whose cover hid from my view.
    I wondered if they were good.

    “What know you of modern writings?”
    asked he, sudden and bare.

    -It is clear, and I enjoy the fog of old.

    -But meaning is dug from surface.

    -Some surfaces have no ground.

    -Do they float?

    -They soar, doctor,
    they soar so very high from being.

    He stumbled into silence
    (misquote is a fall),
    pricked by the burrs of thought.

    “This here is poetry of new.”

    -Has it the simplicity of new?

    -It has,
    but also the depth of uncharted waters.

    -Its title?

    -Of current fraction:
    ‘Always Almost Never’.

    -Its pseudonym?

    -‘Tenessive Folamer’,
    of Eironffilac, Acerriman*.

    -Foreign, I see… Shall you narrate?

    -Do you wish it?

    -There is a possibility


    -would want.

    -Then I’ll speak.

    His throat then cleared, he read.

    “Almost Always Never

    “Sometimes mockingbirds sing
    When they can’t even speak.
    Sometimes hearts can be silent
    When they cannot scream.

    “Sometimes oceans pull back
    What they can give no more.
    Sometimes the stars above fade
    When they cannot shine.

    “Sometimes thought is a path
    People take when they’re lost.
    Sometimes a stone makes no spark
    When it isn’t struck.

    “Sometimes pain is a book
    If its stories are songs.
    Sometimes the firelight freezes
    When it cannot burn.

    “And always almost never
    The end would be the start.
    Sometimes we take forever
    To see in the dark.”

    He stopped. “Be it simple?”


    He recognized my silence with notice.

    “You cry?”

    that is too lenient a word.
    No, doctor…
    Zomo hasn’t made his friends yet.
    Life is too petty but so great.
    And abundance of third I have not.
    I mayn’t live twice, and not for the better.
    Simply, I understand.


    -How blind I’ve been for long,
    ever and now.

  • Omg man truly amazing where do u get this stuff 😊