Amazingly possible

  • Freedom Writers

    When we met I didn't realize how much you could like me for just being me,
    how could I know that was ever a possibility,
    I was unable to get past the present and see,
    the future that lied ahead,
    and the path that we were beginning to lay together.
    Looking back it seems so obvious,
    but until that moment comes you don't realize you were being oblivious,
    to how your whole life has led up to something so special and workable.
    It's easy to loose perspective when you only have part of the picture,
    but talking will make it all easier,
    and the more you're together,
    the more you see what might be attainable,
    what you want to do,
    where you want to go,
    what you want to see,
    all the moments that you want,
    and what is beyond imaginable.
    Soon it all becomes probable,
    and the only end you can picture for yourself,
    is to make sure my last moments are with you.

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