• Paradigm

    Enough with façades
    And barricades of withered figures
    Of bloodied members
    Of dying dreams to never be free

    The façade of good health,
    Good faith, and good thinking
    The many things that seem to be close
    And yet they remain blinking, blinking..
    Here and there, within grasp yet so far from wealth

    A complete masquerade of positivity
    Not just fortune as it may, but the perception
    That odd perception of all to go to plan
    That odd curse of man
    To be great and stand tall
    And even still, to one's face he may fall
    To none he may call reception

    Rejected by the one's around him
    A king of no people
    Cast away on a whim
    A ruler of dust as a churchless steeple
    Standing tall among roaches
    As nobody approaches
    To greet him would mean to be
    The last thing another would see

    Cast away to flee
    Any hopes of a plea
    Tis' be me
    Dispersed as bagless tea
    Drifting in scolding water
    The king of none is left to be

    Critiques welcome

  • Freedom Writers

    Very sincere piece. Poetry is hard work and this was a good read.

  • @CrowHunter thanks! I appreciate it!