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    The musical selection to this piece is this song.

    There is something special about finding someone with who you just mesh,
    and your time together is always just the best,
    as any time that you can expect,
    will be the best time you've had yet,
    and so as your time is fleeting,
    that doesn't mean you can't be meeting,
    new and interesting opportunities,
    that life may bring,
    so it's never too late to leave yourself open to doors,
    because you'll be surprised by new wonders,
    as new people come in with you to sit,
    it's so wonderful to find someone with whom you just click.
    With everything that happens it's so hard to not see that there was a reason,
    for everything that's happened to you has only been leading,
    to a most wondrous meeting,
    of new friendships and deep discussions,
    and sometimes it's easy to tell how well you'll be with them just after the introduction.
    Whenever you feel like you've met with someone to whom you're both just so compatible,
    the feeling is hard to describe as there just isn't anything comparable,
    but it doesn't hurt that you have them in your life now,
    a new ally that will allow,
    new explorations of both of your desires,
    and what you'd like to get out of this world before you expire.
    So take any moment you can to find a new confidant,
    since it'll make things easier to find out what you want,
    once you've found someone else to help you find your place,
    as we're all really just floating out in space,
    seeing where we all fit in a cosmic void,
    but with a new compatriot it's hard to stay annoyed,
    as you both take your time to find the meaning you've both been missing,
    and soon it becomes both of your missions,
    to ensure the safety and care of each others feelings,
    that can be fished out simply from the correct greeting,
    so don't take anything for granted,
    if done right you'll be glad you've tried to make at least one new friend.

  • Beethoven helped me complete my work on time.
    I played his symphonies during my notebook submission period, that kept me working at a great pace.
    Thanks, Beethoven- sup

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    @sup classical is good to write to in general. It helps to concentrate.

  • @us-poet Best 'agreed' gif ever: