• Freedom Writers

    I get ready to go out and drink,
    putting on that outfit that will shine when I meet,
    new and interesting individuals,
    for my habit that is habitual,
    forgetting about what happened to me during the week,
    using the weekend to end the streak,
    of the punishing work that leaves me meek,
    drinking and dancing back up to my peak,
    so when I get back I can repeat,
    the process where I sink,
    because I think I'm addicted to the punishment,
    and I need it to be frequent,
    even though none of my actions will ever prevent,
    me from making the same mistakes,
    staying up way too late,
    feeling like life has no breaks,
    so I'm going to stay intoxicated,
    in this life that I've created,
    treating every weekend like it's a celebration,
    when I'm really using it as an escapism,
    so the next time you see me while I'm enjoying the evening,
    behind that smile in the deep recesses of my being,
    my subconscious will be busy thinking,
    maybe I should be giving my life a new meaning,
    but that day isn't tonight,
    so will you raise a glass with me until the return of the sunlight?

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    Now thats a good piece of poetry.
    Good to see you back!

  • @us-poet well you are both poetic and sorrowful not unlike the unicorn.Need some excitement in your life.. Maybe you should ride the unicorn xxx

  • is is best poem

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