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  • It hurts when the guy you’re attracted to won’t even consider you because of your skin, but there’s nothing to be done about that.
    People are always gonna have preferences, but you should avoid people that prejudiced like the plague. There’s a vast difference between “I prefer black women” to “I don’t date white women.” One’s a preference, the other is prejudice or even racist

  • @Alicey2k it's not like height, age , physical appearance are matter the most ... Every person u meet is different in his own way... For example... Everyone watch porn ... But everyone doesn't like the same category ... I like Japanese women but others doesn't even like to see them... some people prefer love ... But some people prefer only sex...

  • You folks are missing the point she is making.
    @Alicey2k It is because the social media is trying to compensate for the past I would say. You're a white man having a bad opinion towards black people or women? Expect to be cancelled, especially on Twitter. It doesn't even happen only between white to black, but from man to woman. Nowadays, people build their social constructs based on their fears, on their insecurities. You can see fat acceptance movement. It used to stand for something great in the past, for understanding and feeling empathy for those that are physically disabled or overweight but try to change. Now, it is all about some fat chicks promoting obesity and saying that being obese doesn't affect your health. Same goes with racism. They have had a rough life centuries ago, now we compensate by "protecting" them in any way we can. It is just this liberal shit that people are being indoctrinated with. I feel like this quote is appropiate here, "It takes a strong man to deny what's in front of him. And if the truth is undeniable, you create your own. "
    TL:DR: Easily offended people tend to ignore the facts and live in their fantasy.

  • @mindigh There’s a vast difference between “I prefer black girls” to “I don’t date white girls.” It’s alright to have a preference (everybody does) but not dating someone because they’re white is discriminative, if not racist. Nobody can make you date people you don’t want to date, but don’t go walking around thinking you don’t have prejudice.

  • @NiaRox I did not dismantle your statement, but what it answers to.

  • @Alicey2k According to me I'm open for anything unless she accepts me as I'm

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    They don't matter to anyone, they all love for sex.

  • @Alicey2k ok im middle eastern and im not an indian. Thats hurtful to hear from your side. Anyway besides that i love redheads and all my friends know that. And i fell in love with a black girl that had none of the qualities that i was super attracted to. But it still happened and despite what i thought i liked i came to find her very attractive .
    So never say never because life will prove you wrong.
    Its not about the physics. Its about the personality mostly.

  • @NiaRox yup well said. Everyone has a preference but if you dont date someone because of theit color , its for sure racist. And in my opinion we should always get to know people before judging them based on their color

  • @Alicey2k well , choices I guess?? It's you choice you like middle Eastern men. You never experienced with indian male because you are not able to accept it as it is, brain is wired and not able to un wire it !! But I tell you choices with favour make a agenda can be racist and leads to racism .. so racist I do not know ??I can say hurtful words to people Make them feel like I am racist.. so I have a idea how to be racist!! But having a agenda with favours like dislikes ..putting into action is racist I guess ??

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    @Alicey2k Racists suck this needs to end once and for all

  • @Roman-Rules will not end at all !! I am Damm fucking sure !!

  • @Alicey2k 😂 thats not a preference. People have their own judgement. Dont you wonder why that guys suddenly decide to date black / brown only?

    Afaik, when i was here around 2018 and i met lots of my niggas friend, they said that mostly white people turn down or even mock them for their appearance matter. I dont want to judge, but then i think it is true when i see how white ladies treat my niggas friend here. It is happening for asian too i g 😂

    You perhaps have different opinion and perception lady, but again not all people will be on your shoes and have the same perception as yours.

  • There is no shame in being confused. The whole thing is fundamentally irrational.

    I have seen a multitude of arguments suggesting that it is racist for a white person to not be sexually attracted to a black person, or that liking specific physical characteristics is morally questionable in some way. As hard as I try to understand, none of them hold water.

    My suggestion is that you disregard this entirely and move on. I would be happy to answer more specific questions if you wish, however.

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    @Alicey2k people already knew mostly whites are racist, it's written in their forehead but noone can't see it until it speaks out.

  • @Tyler-The-Ultimate-Badass Thank you for the response, when I posted this I didn't really think about it hanging around and people commenting on it months later lol. I have clearer thoughts about these things these days but oh well, clearly bothered me a lot at the time lmao

  • What does your heart tell you? It's usually correct.

    If a gay man won't date a straight female, is he sexist?
    If a straight man isn't attracted to another man that likes him, is he homophobic?
    If a black woman isn't attracted to white men in general, is she racist?
    If a white man isn't attracted to Koreans in general, is he racist?
    If someone won't date obese people, are they shallow?
    What about women who identify with being male that will only date gay men? Are the gay men that won't date females who say they are males prejudice and/or sexist people too?
    Is attraction even a choice? Most people say it is but, they're wrong.

    Beauty is and always will be in the eye of the beholder. What I find beautiful is not at all the same as what other people find beautiful. I think the Isle of Skye is the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. Someone else might say it's Peru. Another person might say Yosemite National Forest in California.

    I've yet to find a person who completely agrees with me as to who I find attractive or not. It varies from person to person, the same as taste in movies, music, culture, scenery, architecture, etc. To each their own. If someone wants to sell themselves short by not dating one demographic or the other and they base that decision on nothing more than skin color, that's on them. Sucks to be them, too. I for one love the fact I am attracted to every type of woman under the Sun.

    To go even further, if I found an alien from another planet attractive, I'd date her in a heartbeat if the attraction was mutual. If we fell in love I'd have no problem marrying her. If there was the chance we could reproduce safely, we would.

    It's a weird conversation but I already know there are people who would never in a million years have sex with someone from a different planet unless they looked identical to people from Earth. So they say, anyway. Does that make them racist? I don't know honestly. I think it depends.

    I'd say if I married an alien and one of my friends didn't like the alien as an individual, I would not consider my friend racist. But, if they didn't like my alien wife solely because she came from a different planet, that would be utterly racist. Prejudice only exists where fear exists.

    I doubt this comment helped but, I tried. :)

  • @Alicey2k Very good topic and great analysis btw . 1st and thats my opinion , racism is racism no preference to be said when It includes the whole thats bullshit . 2nd physical attraction Is normal and common but should never be the base of any relation cause as u said we can change that or accept It . 3rd and final the main priniciple of any relationship Is love and acceptance . Btw Ur question have more deep and important answers which I cant provide In english and I dont have the energy to translate It from arabic to english 😅... . Yeah I almost forgot to say that gimme ur ear : TM whispers some Indians are so hot lol 🤭

  • There's nothing wrong with having a preference for a partner's appearance. But it is wrong to immediately dismiss all people with those attributes without getting to know someone first.
    I always preferred dark haired women yet I married a blonde. My brother is very tall yet married a woman who is quite short. My friend always wanted an Italian wife but married a Scottish girl.
    It's best to be open to all possibilities.