• My dad went on a single tour last month in Shenzhen, China held by A Foreign Affair. She met Liu and it seems like they’ve hit it off. That’s all great and I’m happy to see my dad happy but… Liu is only 4 years older than me! It almost makes me feel that my dad is dating a friend of mine.

    Liu is a good person. I’ve talked with her and I know she’s a genuine person who can definitely make my dad happy. I just can’t help but worry and feel dislike towards the idea that my dad is hitting it off with someone who could as easily have been one of my girlfriends.

    My worry is mostly the fact that she’s still young and she can definitely still find someone else. Someone younger than my dad too. Though, I’ve mentioned that I know she’s a good person but with her age, it’s still possible for her to still start anew with a man that can sway her feelings. While my dad is already at an age where someone who will stay with him definitely is better.

    I can’t decide for my dad nor say anything about his situation since he knows it better than anyone… but as his daughter, I have a free reign to worry. It’s not like my notions are baseless… or is it?

    I want my dad to be happy, if Liu is really someone who would make him happy then I’ll make sure to accept their relationship. At this moment, I can’t. I guess I should give her a chance since it’s roughly been a month since they met. I might even be overreacting, but I think I need to prepare myself just in case.

    I just need someone to make me feel assured about all of this. Any advice for me? I honestly don’t know what to do…

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    @sweetvia96 i can understand your frustration, but if u feel that she is a genuine person and u see that she makes your dad happy, then there should be nothing to worry about. unfortunately, there will always be outside forces when it comes to attraction towards someone else while already in a relationship, but if she is as genuine as u think she is, true love will always prevail and u wont have nothing to worry about your dads feelings getting hurt. hope this helps...

  • @sweetvia96 If your dad's happy than you should accept their relationship.

  • @sweetvia96 It is obviously you have the best interest of pops...maybe give it more time? Dad could be a cool/hip cat? Make certain it isn't about you before interfering...just sayin.

  • Let him make his own mistakes. If he's happy then let him be happy. Best thing you could do is let them be and if things fall through, be that ear he can talk to and the mouth to talk him through it. Chances are, if you said anything to him he wouldn't listen anyways because a good man (which he seems to be from what you said) thinks with his heart. His heart loves you and her so that's what he's going to follow. Just hang out and try to build a relationship with her as time goes by. If your dads with a woman, even if she's young, you still wanna have a good relationship with that woman to. That's better than your dad being with someone you can't get along with.

  • Talk to your dad first.He knows her best.Try to figure out how she is by hanging with her more.She does not need to be a very good person, all she must be is loyal to your dad.If she is trying to take advantage or something, tell your dad first.If he doesnt listen and you are confident about your opinion try to expose her or tell her that you know about her.Hope this helps.Best of luck.Wish you the best.

  • @dirkdigglar my dad IS Hippie. I love him so much and I don't want him to get hurt! It's just that this is unacceptable. You guys know how that feels!

  • @sweetvia96 Your instincts are firing and conflicting with your mind. Think about it. What is she getting from this? If she had more options for citizenship ie men her age that are well off, do you think she would even blink at your father? You may be rationalizing and trying to give everything the benefit of a doubt because consciously you want it to work and you want your father to be happy. However, the subconscious or gut instinct is usually correct. If she stays with him that's good, but it looks extremely fishy and no one can blame you for feeling some type of way.

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    Well if i were u i would ' I woulst listen to the people who say "if hes happy then u shall respects that and move on."NO dont listen to that u have a point she is clearly to young for him .you should talk to him about it and let him know how u feel.so u guys can mabe get on the same page.

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  • @sweetvia96 I’m am a much older man replying to you.
    1st, let dad have some space and enjoy his new found friend.
    2nd, has the word marriage been used? If not, use the time to get better acquainted with the girl. Many younger women truly want to be with older guys. If they do talk marriage, sit down to discuss with both of them, and be upfront & honest about your feelings.
    Most of all, always support dad.
    Good Luck to all!!

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  • @sweetvia96 If your daddy is happy with this girlfriend on his side you should feel also happy about him even it's not easy also even she is not much older (or younger) as you
    you can talk to him and tell him your feelings and telling him how u feeling about her even maybe he won't listen up on you ~
    you have the right to worry about everything because he is your dad but you can't forbid it cause he is grown up when he fell on the nose from being with a younger one it's his problem at least ..
    I know it's easy said for you it must be really hard when i would be in your age i would do the same believe me but i am might be in the age of your dad and otherwise i think the same like you ! would my dad doing such things i would be worried as well ...but if Liu-chan is really someone good i am sure u will keep up being good with her till she hurt him ~

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