what should I wright about in my next story?

  • Name some things off that you have done in your past. Memories are just a constant happy dark place in our minds. Violence was all humans thought was the answer. They think talking things out and negotiating would solve real-life problems. We as people get hurt every day getting hated for being different. Not everyone has a perfect life story we all see things in different ways. We take sides and opinions getting questioned on everything. Wold of emotions that anyone could give advice on how to fix yourself when things get out of control in life.

  • @Emma-Bradley i don't want to muddy your waters with my back story Emma, just keep doing what you do it's easily more than enough and doesn't need diluting with my bullshit or anyone else's. Looking forward to your next prosetry, i know it will transcend me for a moment

  • Ok. so you're saying you need more of a mystery with a twist?. Like a more positive motivation when I do my next story.

  • @Emma-Bradley you can write about some of the mental issues people have that alot of people mock and shame. for instance, i have OCD. people might scoff at that. but basically that means life each day is one big check list and you have to fullfill each box or else. your mind is always in perfection mode and organization becomes an absolute. and if those boxes dont get checked, and in a certain order, your mind turns on you. try living like that each day

  • Ok that's a Great suggestion thank you for telling me. I will see what I can come up with.