• My fiance is 49 years old and has a daughter the same age as me; I’m 25. I’ve already met her and to be honest we haven’t really bonded nor got to know each other. We’ll be married in 2 months and I want things between me and his daughter to be comfortable and good. I hope that she’ll be able to understand that I do love her father.

    It’s understandable for her to probably not like the idea that her father and I met through a singles tour held by A Foreign Affair and the fact that I am foreign. But what her father and I have is something that’s real and serious. I genuinely fell in love with him and I want to be happy by his side; I want to make him happy as well.

    I just want to get some advice or suggestions on how I should approach his daughter… we are the same age but our situation is completely different. Please, give me some ideas on how I should make things with her.

  • A Foreign Affair

  • @agoodfriend It's an ad. I even gave you a hint.

  • Even you both are of same age. But the relation you want to establish is not the same it is a relation of mother and daughter. Be kind to her take care of her things try to be friendly ignore her bad behaviour up to some extend. ( which is expected) do not try to interfere in relation with her Father. Show her things will be same as it was between her Father and her self. If she ask give her best advice as if she is your own daughter/real sister. ... its tought but this is the way i believe.

  • @lovelywife25 I was married to a woman 25 years older than me for five years because until she passed away from cancer her daughter was 21 I helped her put her daughter through school by the way the daughter hates my guts don't ask me why

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