• Been married almost eleven years. We are having financial issues and due to that things seem to falling apart. Our fridge is broken, or sewage line is busted, I am having a few health issues, you name it. On top of all this my hubby and I have not had sex in forever. First he said it was stress bothering him then during an argument he said it was because he did not wanna touch me. Last night he tells me that he doesn't love me or want me an then turn around and says he does love me he didn't mean it. But tonight he didn't come home and then texts me to say he suddenly is going to spend the night at his dads, a person he has not spoken to on over a year, won't answer when I call but text me several hours later to say he was going to sleep and that he loved me. I have PTSD, the stress is killing me, right now I'm breaking and I can feel myself slipping away.

    What do I do?

  • well I don't really know how to help, but if you want someone to talk about it with msg me!

  • @wynnwright u have to clearly decide if u stay or go but what do I know I’m also neglected message me if I’d like to chat I’m open to being a listening ear or a mutual release friend sounds like a Percy statement but speaking as someone going thru a similar life it’s beneficial to have someone to share the frustration with! Good luck regardless of if u ever message me

  • @lonelyNeglectedM says I can’t message u unless u follow me so please follow me so we can chat I hope I didn’t come across offensive or disrespectful I genuinely meant what I posted in reply to your issue sorry if I came across as a gross or horrible person I’m gonna wait online for a few minutes optimistically just in case u wanna chat