• This is the end of my hope
    I have lost the child like faith
    It has broken me
    Left me bereft
    This loss of love

    This is the loss of my innocence
    Broken shattered
    Never to be mended
    This wound that cuts so deep
    A death wish without a prayer
    Let the lights go dark
    Fade away end the pain

    To be someone like me
    Let me not wake this morn
    Let a black rose be born
    Let the snow
    Blanket my rest
    Leave me cold without dread

  • @Wicked_ there is no end to hope Claire, that's the whole point of it. Hang in there until something good/great takes you by surprise. Which it most surely will. Just checked my crystal ball and it says good things are coming your way fa shiz! Xxx

  • Oh god...that's such a sad poem. Hey just hang in there and talk to others, you'll definitely feel better when you get emotional support from someone. If you want you can share your worries with me, I can't just let a fellow human to deal with such problems all by themselves...And remember you are not alone

  • Music Lovers

    After every dark night, there will be a sunshine.
    After pain and sadness you find the really joy of happiness.
    So It's just a time, and it will pass...