• My dad’s birthday came and went. My mom found out he spent it with another woman and filed for divorce.
    My dad told me how his unfulfilling sex life had made him suicidal, then proceeded to try and convince me that a polygamous marriage was somehow godly and necessary for his marriage. I told my dad that if he tried to pursue this, he would lose me as a daughter. He didn’t seem to care that much.

    I just feel so hollow, like a bag of meat walking around.

  • @NiaRox yikes that sounds terrible, he's a very confused man

  • Hope everything will turn out fine for your family.

  • hugs you @NiaRox your dad is obviously going through something and while terrible you shouldn’t let it define you. Dm me sometime let’s talk see if I can help you.

  • @NiaRox
    When everything's darkness
    And you feel so alone,
    When the rain doesn't stop
    And you can't make it home,
    When it feels all is lost
    And you just want to run,
    It can't rain forever.
    Just wait for the sun.

    When family is pain,
    When friends can't be found,
    When you just want to scream
    But you can't find the sound,
    When it's all your fault,
    And you feel like you're done,
    Just wait for the sun.
    The sunshine will come.

    The storm always passes.
    It won't last forever.
    The rain always stops and gives way to good weather.
    The brightest and warmest of days still to come.
    Please wait for the sun.
    The sunshine will come.

    People who need you,
    People who still love you
    Can warm up your soul like the sunshine above you.
    You're never alone,
    No matter what's done.
    Wait for the sun.
    Just wait for the sun.

    Dark clouds always pass.
    I promise you, hun.
    We're all waiting with you.
    Just wait for the sun.

  • @NiaRox I understand exactly how you feel. With the struggles of my father, coming into and out of my life just because he couldn't control his desires this conversation came up many times in my life. I don't wanna be cheesy, but i don't think other people understand it really when people say everything will be alright. I can tell that you're a beautiful person inside and out. If he's okay with walking out your life to attend the needs of other woman, then he doesn't deserve you.

  • @NiaRox it's aight just take care of urself nd try nd be there for ur father maybe he's going thru a tuff time nd give it some time it'll get back to normal