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    So I'm a confused teenager in her first "relationship". I met a guy 4 weeks ago I think, and fell in love quickly. Long story short we're dating or something now and I live up in the north of Sweden and he lives in south Spain. Our only contact is through whatsapp and instagram. So there is a groupchat on whatsapp with him, 2 spanish guys, my current best friend and my ex-best friend. My ex-best friend is constantly flirting with him and wont stop! She knows that I'm very insecure and that he's my first "boyfriend" but still does it. My best friend confronted her but denied the flirting. She gave him the nickname "edge lord" and sends him memes. On top of that, she makes me look bad when we are all chatting. It makes me insecure and anxious, can/should I do anything?

  • well maybe first u should remove ur ex bestie from this group and confront her urself. tell her that as his girlfriend u dont like her approach and ask her what the actual fuck she wants.then I think the best way is talking to ur boyfriend about this matter and be completely honest with him. tell him that u have talk to that girl and she is bothering u. ask him to put a stop on this. trust me. If a boy really wants u, would put a stop on this just so u can be comfortable but If ur boyfriend doesnt do anything and ignore this matter, maybe he just likes the attention he is getting. Just a firm response from ur boyfriend to ur ex would end this

  • @AppleScruff your friend is being very shitty. I can't give you any better advise than paradis already gave you, she has it bang on target. I hope you get it resolved quickly, you're a nice girl and you deserve your happiness without any bullshit getting in the way. Best wishes to you Apple 馃槉馃槉

  • Hi there. Im spanish living in Sweden :D What a coincidence.
    About your "ex-best friend". Thats not your ex nothing if she is doing what you say.
    Dont confront her. She will deny it. But erase her from your life. And have a conversation with your boyfriend telling him that you actually felt insecure about what happened.
    If he cares he will show consideration and reassure the fact that he is with you and no one else.
    Long story short is that jelousy wont get you closer to anybody. If someone wants to cheat they will. Is not about someone luring your boyfriend in case its happens. Is your boyfriend being a dick.
    So if its happens you know what to do. And as long as nothing happens you should not worry :)

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  • @AppleScruff No worries, feel free to dm if you feel talking :) Is always fun to share.

  • @AppleScruff the best advice probably came from @pardis2001 馃憤馃徎