• ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    So I, Chimra, stood before the wrath of my Father along with my siblings as he declared that all of us would share Man’s Fate and be destroyed. I lowered my head and awaited what was to be my destruction.

    That’s when out stepped our Mother. She demanded to know what had happened. When all was explained Mother stepped in front of us. She wanted to know by what right our Father had to destroy us.

    Now God hadn’t had anyone challenge his authority besides us Angels his children. Now someone that was nearly as powerful as he was was defying him. God doesn’t like to be defied. Well Mother created a place for punishment. She made Hell. She agreed that Lucifer and all of us who followed him should be punished. So instead we were banished from Heaven. It was supposed to be temporary. We left willingly.

    We learned that we could still visit Man. So we did. Man was banished from the Garden but we taught them to make tools shelter everything they’d need to survive. It wasn’t long and Man began to multiply.

    One day when we were sure our time in Hell was over was when we learned the Truth. From Heaven came crashing into Hell was Mother. We knew then that our time in Hell was not over. Lucifer arose and went to Heaven. He was returned to us, cast out for the crime of defiance. Lucifer took up his role as leader once more declared himself King of Hell.

    Mother while kind and loving was not to be crossed. Father banished her and cast her out so she went to creating too. She made the real Demons. Creatures that have no soul but only seek fulfillment in any means that they can. Lucifer took the creatures and charged them with punishing. They punish Man they punish us all can be punished. One day the Armies of Heaven will clash with the Armies of Hell for one final war. For we learned long ago that God doesn’t tolerate defiance and Man is very defiant. One day Lucifer will call us to arms to make a final stand.

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Canadian-guy I could add sex but I prefer to not write erotica. If I did I’d probably go along the lines of Laurel K. But it’s too easy to lose story inside Erotica. And as for more I have no plans yet

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Lazz I see that I can write I can even admit that it is good. But I don’t see this greatness that you all say you see. I’m just a simple young woman who expresses herself through writing. I’m just a simple writer. One day maybe I’ll be published.

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Canadian-guy Its from my mind. I researched a lot to write this but all three parts are but one short story. Created by me for those that asked me to write. I hope you can read all three parts and enjoy it.

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Lazz I'm not sure where I could go with another part I’m toying with the idea of an epilogue but I’d need more feedback on what should happen in it.

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Lazz i know so many ways to twist and turn it. I have A.) I need C.) so that I could make B.) if that makes any sense to anyone else besides me.

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Lazz Im glad that makes sense to someone

  • @Wicked_ and you wonder why ppl call you a wordsmith ...lol

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Cosmic_Lady All I do is write. I put words to paper so to speak. I align them to form a picture and that’s all. I don’t see why you @Lazz @RoseLily and so many others say I’m a wordsmith

  • what a wordsmith does , paint with words, create a picture, tell a story, dance with our imagination, weave a tale that makes us all want to follow

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Cosmic_Lady by that definition then I’m not the only wordsmith here. You have talent doing just that yourself.

  • @Wicked_ Claire you are a genius ,you have such a talent! You need to be published, you belong in the pantheon of great modern writers. I admire the fuck out of you, please please please can a publishing house free ypu from your jail work and let you write full time,I'm sure you're a bad ass jailor (actually I'm not, i bet you're really fucking nice, that's a compliment btw) but you need to be free to fulfill your true vocation. There are some beautiful writers on this site but no one holds a candle to you, keep it coming you great modern author

  • @Wicked_ I'm pretty sure you could write erotica Claire, i imagine it would be as vivid and emotive as the rest of your words. Sorry, just sayin'

  • @Scottish what I'm gagging for though, is your sci fi, those initial sketches and draughts you posted, you have the potential to be the next isn m banks, he was such a fabulous writer, absolutely wonderful imagination, his "normal" novels as just plain old Iain banks (he only used the M as an initial name to distinguish that it was his sci fi stuff) i recommend Espedair Street to both you and Lazz, one of my favourite books of all time, you both will love it

  • @Scottish Will look for. While treasure hunting keep eyes open for any from Cordwainer Smith.

  • @Wicked_ oh trust Claire, believe Lazz's words, you're a rare and unique talent and that's my opinion as a voracious reader

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Scottish Its not that I can’t wrote erotica. I’ve written it before and am fully capable. Just at times it’s hard to keep a good story going in erotica without seeming to just jump from one sex scene to the other. I prefer to write good stories not just good scenes.

  • @Lazz I'll keep my eyes open Lazz, always on the lookout for a great new author.

  • Where is this from? Like source

  • @Wicked_ Outstanding, love!
    Will there be a Part 4 coming?

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