• Alright last I, Chimra, left off we were preparing to openly rebel against our father. Micheal and his camp had been informed by Gabriel who was among Lucifer’s camp what was about to happen. The idea of it all wasn’t actually to fight but be a show of force. Storm God’s throne room and show him that we believed humanity had the right to knowledge like we did and that humanity could still serve God like he wanted.

    Well Micheal figured to stop us. His people trained and we trained. Truth of the matter is this was going to turn ugly fast. But neither side could have guessed just how bad things would go for everyone.

    We formed up and me marched towards the throne room. We met Micheal and his army outside the throne room. We stood facing each other and words were exchanged back and forth. Micheal trying to dissuade us from our course and Lucifer trying to convince them that we were only doing as God wanted teaching and looking after Man.

    I’d say it wasn’t long but it was probably at least a century that we argued before we finally came to blows. Soon Heaven rang with the sound of Celestial Steel on Steel. Flashes of light, booming of armored bodies crashing into each other. I remember when I landed my first blow and Cameal screamed in pain. The thrill terror concern all flashed through me. It was the first time that I’d ever hurt something.

    We fought we hurt and I remember when the first of us fell. Azreal had struck down Hisheas. All fighting stopped. We all felt his death. Azreal held our brother and he wept. Azreal’s wings changed instantly. They started running red and he left the field. We Angels experience things differently than you humans. Azreal has been stained since bringing the first death to our realm. It showed us that we Immortal Children of the Celestials could indeed die.

    The fighting stopped and we pulled back. Hisheas body was left where it fell. That’s when the throne room doors slammed open and out stepped our Father. His face as a thunderhead. We all knew he knew what happened. He stepped forth and demanded to know of Lucifer if Man was worth the death of his son.

    Now resurrection is real it can happen but Celestial Steel doesn’t just kill. It destroys a soul completely. Not even God could bring back what was destroyed completely. When I say God was angry you mortals have no clue. All of us that had rebelled were sentenced. God was going to destroy us for bringing Death and Destruction to Heaven.

  • For those of you who may wonder yes there will be a third part.

  • @Wicked_ Death and destruction has come to Heaven. And so our skies will clap with that thunder, I'd speculate.