• One night on a cold night this young man meets this young girl who literally took his breath away they had dated after that night the boy was happy happiest he's been in a long time but because of his past and the pain he truly carries with him makes him feel like no one thinks he's cool good enough or even handsome but this girl did the one in a million that gave him the chance but the boy continued to think he wasn't good enough oh even believed the fact she actually love him so as this boy thinks that he started messaging other woman deep in his heart he knew it was bad that if she found out it would destroy their relationship but what did he care he thought she was just going to leave him for another man but in fact this girl wanted the world with this guy but they'd always get into small fights both saying things just to hurt each other but the boy had said worst things than her because he doesn't see that she loves him and would do anything for him so the boy kept doing really dumb things and one night he really messed up more like two days in a row and he had seen it in her face the regret the love lost her just wanting to leave the boy had then said sorry and he knows he was wrong and shouldn't of said what he said to the other girl that night he lays in bed and truly thinks and truly realizes he wanted to marry her knowing he would do anything but then..the day after she goes to another boys studio by herself with the boy they drink have fun she confided in him he holds her she kisses him and falls asleep with him while the boy just thinks how much of a fuck up he is and how much he actually thinks about even when she's home for a day as he lays in bed with a thousand tears hitting his pillow as she sleep comfortably with another man he grabs a gun thinking he will never find another love loads the gun and pulls. That was a story about a sorry and heartbroken man.

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