This heart of glass

  • This heart of glass was broken a long time ago. It has given up on ever trying to fix its self or finding someone to fix it or help fix it. Everyone looked at it in disgust. The edges were to sharp and jagged. The pieces to small. The glass to ugly and dirty. Because the fact of it is, the heart had been stained black before it was broken. It had been through so much that it shattered. To many people had trampled on it, three things at it and even tried to cut it that It couldn't hold on any longer. One day it had had enough And finally just broke. But one day, the heart met someone who was actually willing to try to fix it. The heart couldn't believe it, the heart wouldn't believe it. And still yet the person tried and tried and tried to fix the heart. It was hard and tiring and painful becuase they got cut. But yet the person still persisted. And the heart tried to get rid of them three times thinking that maybe if he did that he wouldn't get to attached to them. And thinking that they'd leave anyway so the heart would just shatter again. But they didn't leave, they stayed. They persisted and wanted to fix the heart. So the heart finally gave up and put all its trust and love into that one person so they could be fixed. But along the journey the heart still tried to get rid of them by cutting them very deep three times. But yet still the person persisted and never gave up. And then they realized that the most important piece of that heart was missing. It was the key piece to how everything works. So that person took a piece of their own heart to fix that heart. And so finally when the heart was fixed and glued and taped back together he felt safe with that person. And loved that person. So when the time came to pull the tape off he looked even better than his old self. And that person took and washed that heart and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and eventually what was underneath that heart, was a big red loving, caring heart. And so that person kept that heart and cherished it.

    Y'all I tried to write a story. And yeah you already guessed it, I was the broken heart and @Abby-83 was the person who came along and fixed me.

  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    @boots22 I told you from the begining I’m here through thick and thin🤞🏻

  • @abby-83 so am I. I love you beautiful! ❤😚

  • @boots22 Ya'll kill me with your cuteness.

  • @azzurranna lol. We aren't that cute.

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