• can a broken heart heal by making new friend or can anything influence its fast recovery?

  • @camara-henke I definitely think there is something to be said for getting back to socialising with new people, whether online or in real life. It gives us new momentum, keeps our life moving, and helps prevent wallowing and overthinking about the hurt - we must always look to the better things which lie in our future.

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    Sadly nothing exactly mends a broken heart. Time will heal it over and a certain amount of damage has already been done and it is up to you how much is that will be permanent.
    My ex used to describe this as another brick in the Wall because every time your heart is broken your survival instinct in an effort to prevent it from happening again build walls around that does preventing you from allowing people into your heart.
    Distractions such as meeting someone new and other things will take your mind off of the pain of the broken heart but it does not mend it. Proof of this lies if you take the time to think about the person that broke it your heart will still hurt.
    It will be up to you 2 allow or disallow that to happen again by letting others and entrusting them with your feelings and your emotions.
    I have been hurt plenty. I choose not to let it change who I am therefore I continue to get hurt however I think I'm a better person for allowing that then I would be if I changed and became callus and cold-hearted.
    I'm not going to change being a loving and trusting person just because others are hateful and inconsiderate.

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  • @Max256 laughing my ass of 🤣🤣🤣so sweet, may be you read some cup coffee do magic, yes it does but they never mentioned what type of coffee it is !! my experience, need to add some Rum,+ real herb is opium with coffee.. will go for days just staring silently

  • @camara-henke best thing I've found is staying as busy as possible to keep your mind off of it til it diminishes and stops hurting. Definitely making new friends could help with that. Essentially it doesn't matter what, just try and keep your mind occupied with other stuff. I had a broken heart this time last year. Tws was an enormous help to me, hope it's the same for you

  • @Max256 well I wasn't, personal experience I am sharing with you !!

  • @camara-henke well greeting to may be some sense to you , u choose what sense it is ??
    as my experience, there is no way you can heal yourself meeting new people around you .. what's you thinking now will work temporarily, its a escape velocity sweeping your feeling under the carpet.. First need to accept it that yeah it happened, secondly forgive the self that you let it happen for yourself awarely or unawarely..now you are aware of it and Conscious not to repeat it again in far future .. mainly let go .. u r not looking inside for yourself, seeking from outside it's not healing it's temporary cure with long time side effects !!

  • @camara-henke That entirely depends on the friend ,A good friend will help,and if you are too sad drink coffee and stare into sky(works for me).🙂

  • @knownsense Friend,what I said was kid friendly

  • @knownsense Thank you,for knowledge🙂

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