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    The last poet, intro

    Once we loved and lived in a world of fantasy created with words. Philosophers, poets, and wise gurus lived with prosperity. Then came the destroyers. They burned and eradicated all levels of education. Leading the world into a dark time.

    With knowledge scarce and man kind facing the darkest age in all of history, someone must come forth to rekindle the spark!

    The world at war was merciless, but even still children were born. Some even retained knowledge since lost. They were given the name, the blessed by "freedom". While "vanguard" labeled them as wanted. To these children they learned thru their peers what this information was. Some treated it as a gift, others a curse. None could figure out why it was like this. For a century this went on. Later in history this time period would be known as "void". All who studied this time period always wondered about two figures, but for one, there was never a day she didnt question herself. And this story, is the story of her ----, the last poet.

    If you want more just ask. I'll write two chapters and be done with it if no one enjoys it.

  • @cjyoung54 hell yeah..this is kinda interesting man.

  • @FloppyDICKKK you started this. 😂 I've wrote more ask @

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    Chapter one, I am?

    I woke, fearful panic. Running... I'm running, but why? I don't remember why.. why.. why does it hurt?

    Time, it pasted me by. I lost track of it. How old was I? Why am I here? What am I? A drop, I could hear. I am a glass of water? I wonder, if so am I full?

    I realized I was sitting, in the dark. Water does not sit. I know, I realize! I am just a cup holding water!

    No… why? I question this, I felt like anyone would question it. Why do I question my appearance? I am a cup.

    It all depends on the outlook on life. I cant be a cup. The darkness prevents me from seeing.

    I cant be a cup, I remember running. Running from what, from where? I dont know… my head it hurts. I remember so much. Why do I remember… I wish I would have just been a cup.

    My head would not hurt, and I'd never know the true color of darkness. I'd never glance at another or feel, what is "feel"? I cant understand.

    It starts to become clearer, I am no cup. It's become transparent. I can hear, the drops have stopped, the water has calmed.

    Where am I? What.. am I? So simple.. but still so complex. All I can feel, see, experience. All the while I wonder I am?

  • @cjyoung54 Cj, i really enjoy it. Awareness, reflection in this very moment...Bewitching.

    When whole being screams: "what is this experience actually is?!" What true being is???

    • Silence. Infinity of options) and consciousness desperately trying to self-identify..

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  • nore time would lash my senses, nore i would waste it. they will ran me over, they will empty that cup. never you mind the wind has a change and this will be my last sigh. let them. let them see me as that same little cup that is full, i know what they don't about this. i know what will be spilled into nothing to fill the mind of them.